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March 11, 2001 through April 10, 2001

•  Baby saved when woman calls "wrong" number
•  Child saved in spite of father's quarter assault
•  Late-term baby saved because of abortionist's threat
•  Baby saved by alarm bell?
•  Ultrasound sparks a couple's love
•  Catholic couple's 16-week child saved from abortion
•  Four babies saved from "Hope"
•  Babies saved, pro-life leader arrested in Atlanta

Apr. 10, 2001

Baby saved when woman calls "wrong" number

A young Christian women, pregnant with her fourth child, opened up her phone book last Tuesday in Bakersfield, California, trying to find the phone number for the local abortion facility. Her boyfriend had always said he was against abortion, but when she told him she was pregnant, he told her she had to abort.

The woman was hurt by her boyfriend's demand, but she agreed to schedule an abortion. But instead of dialing the abortion chamber, she accidentally dialed the number for LifeSavers, a pro-life ministry. After talking to a LifeSavers volunteer on the phone, she determined to let her baby live. As she hung up the phone, she began crying, hurrying to tell her boyfriend that she just couldn't do it. He agreed to support her decision to let their child live.

This is just one example of the fact that even the children of Christian, pro-life couples, can be tempted by our culture of death to sacrifice their children by abortion. God has called pro-life missionaries to save these children's lives. Are are you supporting your local pro-life missionary?

Apr. 4, 2001

Child saved in spite of father's quarter assault

Early yesterday morning in Bridgeport, Connecticut, as about fifty pro-lifers prayed outside the local abortion chamber, sidewalk counselor Carmen Vazquez approached a couple who parked nearby. As the man began to put quarters into the parking meter, Vazquez offered the couple help and information about abortion. He threw the quarters at Vazquez, yelling "you're making this very difficult!"

As the couple entered the waiting room, the woman stayed very quiet, keeping her head down. The man came back out, and Vazquez tri