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Li Bao Yu is now free in America!

November 8, 1996

Li Bao Yu, one of the Chinese women who was incarcerated in the Lerdo Detention Facility, has been set free!

She had been sent from the Lerdo jail to New Orleans in mid-September in anticipation of a hearing which was scheduled for October 8. At the hearing, the case was decided in her favor, apparently as a result of the new law which had just taken effect. Li Bao Yu is now living with her husband in New York, where they work in a restaurant. She recently called Terri Palmquist to express appreciation for the efforts of Voice For Life to speak up for her quest for freedom. "She was so happy, just radiating with joy," said Terri. "We're thrilled that she can finally experience the freedom she has been seeking for so long."

Tim and Terri Palmquist visited Li Bao Yu in New York in November 1999. She has been able to bring her daughter to America from China, and she and her husband have had another baby--a child who never would have been born if she had not been able to be free in America!

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