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A personal account of becoming a friend to an oppressed Chinese refugee

April 17, 1996
by Monica Savage

Over the past six months, I have had the privilege of getting to know one of the Chinese refugees imprisoned in the Lerdo jail. Everytime I personally visit her, or any one of the other Chinese political refugees, it is difficult to leave without crying.

The lady with whom I have become friends fled China, leaving her husband and beloved children behind. She fled because the Chinese government was going to sterilize her when they discovered she had a third child. She and her husband wanted to have one more child. Therefore, she fled to America in the hope of gaining her American citizenship, and then reuniting with her family here in America.

You can only imagine her thoughts now that she has been locked in American prisons for three years, and faces being sent back to China where she will most likely face hard recrimination. When she left, her youngest child was five, and now he is nine!

There is one thing we must all remember, and that is that God is the Author of our life. It is only by God's gift of life and His Divine Plan that I or any other American was born in America, where we are granted those inalienable rights of life, freedom, and happiness. We must always use the gifts God gives us. Thus we must use our gift of freedom to help others who were not born into a country that was founded on the recognition of certain God-given inalienable rights. Without a doubt, these persecuted Chinese men and women are in the greatest need of our help.

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