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China Admits One-Child Policy Abuses

December 20, 2000

China admitted yesterday that their one-child policy has led to abuses such as forced abortions.

Zhang Weiqing, director of the State Family Planning Commission, said the policy had led to forced abortions as well as selective abortion of female fetuses by couples who preferred sons, which has in turn led to a high ratio of 111.3 newborn boys to 100 newborn girls.

And in some cases the policy had led to infanticide, he said.

"In traditional Chinese thinking, men are more important than women," Zhang said. "This kind of ideology has led to the abandonment of baby girls at birth and people are also making use of modern technologies to have selective abortions to get rid of unwanted baby girls," he said.

He confirmed one recent case in which three family planning workers in the central Chinese city of Wuhan were arrested on suspicion of causing the death of a newborn baby.

The baby, the fourth child of a peasant couple, was reportedly drowned in a rice paddy. Zhang said the case was an isolated incident.

According to Zhang, the one-child policy has prevented more than 300 million births.

- Source: The Taipei Times Online: 12/20/00

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