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We're sorry, there is no local ministry in the area you selected which is currently cooperating with us. Perhaps God is calling you to become involved with one of the national ministries which cooperate with Voice For Life.

We hope to soon locate ministries and/or missionaries in your area who wish to cooperate with Voice For Life. If you contact us, we will try to help you find a ministry in your area. Thank you for your patience!

You may also try finding a ministry near you by following our links to other ministries (these ministries are not necessarily associated with Voice For Life).

Even if there isn't an existing pro-life ministry in your area, you can still get involved! Click here to find out how!

And no matter where you live, you can participate in these life-saving ministries with your prayers and financial assistance.

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Click here for a list of additional ministries (not necessarily associated with Voice For Life).

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