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DECEMBER 13, 2000

Tuesday December 5, 2000: I went to a Mission Hills killing center. No saves

Wednesday December 6, 2000: I went to an Operation Rescue protest in Newport Beach. No saves.

Thursday December 7, 2000: I went to a Calabasas killing center. When they noticed I was there, they closed their gate by remote control. The patients had to use an intercom to gain admission. This gave me more time with the patients. I handed literature to one couple as they walked up toward the gate. They attempted to gain admission by using the intercom, but no one answered. So they went back to their car. I was celebrating victory; I thought they were leaving. But they came back and gave it another try. This time, they got in. But they came out after about half an hour, and the woman told me that she changed her mind and decided to keep her baby.

Saturday December 9, 2000: I went to a Mission Hills killing center. No saves.

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