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December 21, 2000 Report

On Saturday 12/16/2000, I went to a Mission Hills abortion facility and saw five lives spared. Four emerged from the building and reported that they were still pregnant, and one turned away without going in.

"Louise" went in for a pregnancy test saying that if she were pregnant she would "have him, I guess". She came and said, "I'm having a baby."

"Vivian" went for a pregnancy test and ultrasound, and she chose life.

Two others simply said the classic: "I didn't do it".

GO TO BREAKFAST, SAVE A BABY: "Sheena" and her husband pulled into the parking lot at the abortion mill, and they sat in their car listening to loud thumping music. Finally, after about an hour, they drove away, stopping in the driveway to talk with me on their way out. Sheena said that she hadn't changed her mind; she was still considering abortion. Her reason: "I already have four children." I asked: "What's wrong with five?" Sheena did not reply; she seemed stunned by the question. Her husband said: "We are going to discuss this more." I gave them my card and told them to call if I could be of any assistance. Monday morning, Sheena called. She wanted to talk. I met her for breakfast and listened to her problems. Then she asked: "Why are you so concerned?" I explained that I am Jewish, and some of my relatives were killed in the World War II Holocaust. When I was growing up, I decided that if there were ever a holocaust in the United States, I would oppose it. Abortion is a holocaust, killing more than a million people each year in this country alone. So I do what I can to help the victims. And I view the moms as victims, because they are deceived into thinking that an abortion will solve their problems. Then I proceeded to point out that an abortion would not solve any of the problems about which she had just confided in me. And I told her that if she aborted her child, I would miss that baby. I take the abortion losses personally. I feel bad that I will never have the opportunity to meet these people and benefit from their gifts and talents. I explained that God put this burden on me, and my friends tell me that it is a special gift. And I said: "God gives everyone special gifts, including the baby you are carrying. If you take a life uniquely imbued by God with special gifts, and you throw it in the trash, what does that say to God?" Then there was silence. I patiently waited for her to formulate an answer to my question. The silence stretched on for about 2 minutes. Finally, she said: "I know you're right, and I won't be going through with the abortion." I called Sheena yesterday and asked how her husband took the news of her decision. Sheena said he seemed happy about it.

I will continue to follow up with Sheena as long as she and her husband want me to do so.

In Christ's service,
Rose Mary Leon

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