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Rose Mary Leon

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December 29, 2000 Report

Dear friends

Last Saturday, 12/23/2000 I went to a Mission Hills abortion center. CARE volunteer Debbie joined me. We saw one life spared.

"Lorena", who speaks Spanish only, arrived with her husband and son. She said she was going for family planning. I gave her a literature packet and requested (in Spanish) that if she gets the opportunity to speak with a pregnant lady who is there for abortion, please give her the literature and tell her not to have an abortion. She agreed and went in. A little while later, Lorena tearfully emerged from the building, and she told me that she is pregnant and asked where she could get a checkup. Apparently, Lorena was told that her baby might be sick, or is sick. (This is a very tactic low that some abortion mills employ. They tell the mom that she should have an abortion because the baby is not healthy.) Lorena stated that she will carry to term even if the baby is sick. I sent her to a local pro-life clinic.

Rose Mary Leon

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