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OCTOBER 17, 2000

Saturday October 14, 2000: I worked from 7:30 to 11:00. Dennis joined me. We saw one drive-away and one save.

The drive-away was couple who parked their green Toyota truck in the parking lot. They sat in the car for a few minutes, but they didn't get out. They drove away.

The save was a young couple that changed their mind while they were inside the killing center. They acknowledged this to me as they were leaving. Praise the Lord!

Tuesday October 17, 2000: I worked from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Dennis and Evelyn joined me. We saw one drive-away and two turn-arounds. When Evelyn arrived, I pointed out a young couple who had parked at the curb, and I asked her to pray for them. The prayer was answered. They didn't get out of the car. They drove away.

"Darla" and "David" came to abort their baby, because they already have an 8-month-old, and Darla feels overwhelmed. Besides, they have financial problems. David stopped the car in the driveway near where I was standing, and Darla got out and began talking with me. I discussed a number of Scriptures with Darla, including the King Solomon story. When I concluded the story and asked Darla which kind of mother she is, Darla said she would talk it over with David. I urged Darla to go to a local CPC and watch the movie "After the Choice". I explained that Eve (in the Bible) was hasty to plunge into sinful behavior without first comprehending all the consequences. By watching this movie, Darla would have the opportunity learn and understand the consequences of abortion without personally experiencing those consequences. Meanwhile, Evelyn was talking with the David, and Evelyn found out that David wants the baby, but agreed to the abortion because he was sympathizing with Darla feeling overwhelmed. Darla and David decided to go into the abortion facility for an ultrasound only. Then they would talk it over.

I observed "Al" carrying a lady's purse out of the abortion facility. This is what I see men do after they have dropped off a woman for abortion. I gave him a literature packet and asked: "Is that your wife's purse? Is she having an abortion?" He answered both questions in the affirmative. I said. "How sad. What's that matter? Why are you doing this?" Al replied that it was too soon for them to have a baby, as they just got married." I asked him: "What if this is the only child God ever gives you? Do you want to live with the knowledge that you killed your only child? This isn't right. Please go back in and stop the abortion." He said: "I am going to talk with her." And he hurriedly went back into the building.

Give the glory to God!

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