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This week, I worked 3.75 hours on the sidewalk. I also attended a sidewalk counseling seminar in Huntington Beach.

Saturday October 7, 2000: I worked on the sidewalk from 7:15 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Dennis and Leigh joined me. We had one drive-away, one turn-around, and one save.

The turn-around was "LaRhonda", who said she is considering abortion because she already has 2 children and she can't handle a third. LaRhonda said she would rather have an abortion than let another family raise her child. I told her the King Solomon story: King Solomon was the wisest king who ever lived. Two women asked him to settle their dispute. They were fighting over a baby, and both claimed to be the real mother. So King Solomon proposed that the baby be cut in half and he would give each mom half the baby. The first mom agreed to this. But the second mom pleaded with King Solomon, begging him to spare the baby's life, even if it meant the other woman would raise him. So King Solomon decided that the second mom, who pleaded for the baby's life, was the real mother, and he gave the baby to her.1

After I told LaRhonda the story, I explained that we see two kinds of moms in the story: One kind of mom will have her baby cut into pieces to make sure that no one else gets him. The other mom wants what is best for her child and wants him to live, even if that means that someone else will raise him. Then I asked LaRhonda: What kind of mother are you? She said, "A good mother." I asked: Does a good mother have her baby cut into pieces to make sure that no one else gets him, or does she do everything possible to protect her baby, even if it means someone else might get to raise the baby? LaRhonda responded that she doesn't want anyone else to have the baby.

Then I used the example of O.J. and Nicole Simpson. We don't know whether O.J. did it, but some people think he killed his ex-wife Nicole, and they think the motive was jealousy. They think that O.J. just couldn't stand to see Nicole have any other man, nor to see any other man have Nicole, so he killed her. And then I said to LaRhonda. If O.J. did this, that is wrong. He was put on trial because people thought he did this. Then LaRhonda nodded. She understood. She did not have an abortion that day. But she said she is still considering it. Please pray for her and the baby.

"Lena" is about 3 months pregnant with her third child. She has health problems, and her doctor is not sure that she can carry to term. Lena was considering abortion, but assured me that she would not do it this morning.

She said she would undergo an ultrasound and get a video of the ultrasound and let her primary physician review it and she would discuss it with her husband, and then decide. I called Lena at home the next day. She said that the baby looks healthy, and she and her husband decided to carry. Please pray for this brave couple. Please pray for their finances and for Lena's health. Lena and her husband are considering giving up the baby for adoption, but keeping it within the family by placing the baby with a relative. This relative also has health problems which may preclude her from adopting the baby. Please pray for the relative. Lena gave me permission to ask others to pray for her. Otherwise I would not give so many details.

Rose Mary Leon

1Sidewalk counselor Lucy Vargojcic, my mentor, taught me to use this Solomon story. And I think she learned it from Jeri Urrutia, who also uses this story.

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