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April 11, 2001 Report

On Tuesday 3/27/2001, I went to a Catholic girls' high school, where I was invited to speak. I shared with about 200 teenage girls about the sidewalk counseling ministry. Fourteen of those girls have expressed interest in sidewalk counseling. PTL! So, I plan to work with the campus ministry coordinator to arrange a sidewalk counseling seminar at the school. Please pray that the seminar proposal receives favor from the school. Although it is a Catholic school, if they host a seminar, they will do so with the understanding that the seminar will be presented from an evangelical perspective, as is an evangelical group.

Then, after visiting the high school, I met Rita at a Montebello mill where she is starting a sidewalk counseling ministry. We did sidewalk counseling together. We talked with "Monica", who was going to the mill for birth control. Monica told us that her 20-year-old sister is pregnant and considering abortion. Monica does not want her sister to have an abortion, so she accepted literature to give to her sister. Monica listened intently as Rita and I explained how detrimental abortion can be for a woman and her family. Please pray for Monica and her sister. Also, please pray for Rita. Rita attended my sidewalk counseling seminar and I am so grateful to see that the Lord has brought fruit out of the seminar effort.

On Thursday 3/29/2001, I did sidewalk counseling in Mission Hills. As far as I remember, there were no saves.

On Saturday 3/31/2001, I did sidewalk counseling in Mission Hills. A couple came for an abortion, but after talking with a sidewalk counselor, they went instead to a local CPC. PTL. I was injured while I was there, and I had to cut the counseling time short.

I have been out of commission since I was injured on 3/31; I have not returned to sidewalk counseling yet. Please pray that I recover quickly from this injury so that I can return to the streets of Los Angeles and be used by God to save more babies' lives.

On Thursday 4/5, Ann went to Mission Hills without me, as I am out of commission. There was a save. A couple was going into the mill for an abortion, and after talking to Ann, they went instead to a local crisis pregnancy center. PTL. Ann is another new sidewalk counselor that we got from our seminar effort. PTL.

In the meantime, while I am down, I am working with some local churches and other groups to plan some more sidewalk counseling seminars. We are planning to do another seminar series in the fall. If you belong to a church or other group, such as Women's Aglow, or Promise Keepers, in Southern California that would like to have a sidewalk counseling seminar, please contact me. We just had a very successful spring seminar series--six seminars. They were in San Diego, Santa Ana, Long Beach, Montclair, Van Nuys and Canoga Park. We trained a total of 150 people at the seminars. And as you can see from my comments above, the seminar effort is bearing fruit. PTL.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Rose Mary Leon

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