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January 20, 2001 Report

Dear friends,

I went to a Mission Hills mill today. Debbie joined me. There were no saves. However, I was given the opportunity to share the gospel with two Persian Jewish women (a mother and daughter) who were patronizing another business in the building. The daughter speaks English, but the mother speaks only Farsi. I got their phone number and promised to hook them up with a Farsi-speaking congregation in this area. When I got home, I logged onto, the Web site for the Church on the Way. Sure enough, the church has a Persian congregation that meets every Sunday at 1:00 p.m. So I plan to call the Persian ladies and tell them about it.

So far this month, I have seen 3 lives spared, and they were all on Sunday Jan. 7 at a Panorama City mill. That is Lucy's regular mill. She did all the counseling that day, and I was doing prayer support. I went to Mission Hills on Sat Jan 6 and Sat 13 but alas no saves there yet this month that I know of.

Please pray for me.

In Messiah,
Rose Mary Leon

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