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July 31, 2001 Report

On Thursday, 7/26/2001, there was 1 turn-away. It appeared that the patient was turned away for a medical reason. She had an inhaler in her hand, and I saw her inhale some of the medication before entering the building. I am guessing that she is an asthmatic, and that the abortion center turned her away because she had inhaled some asthma medication that morning, or perhaps because the patient was in middle of an asthma attack. When she exited the building, she still had the inhaler in her hand. She told me that she had not changed her mind about abortion. However, I have not seen her return to the abortion center. PTL.

On Saturday 7/28/2001, there were 2 saves and 1 turn-away. PTL.

The turn-away was two women who entered the building but left before the abortionist arrived. They would not say whether they changed their mind about abortion.

The first save was a young couple--a tall white man and a short Asian woman. As they were leaving, the man told me that they had completely changed their mind about abortion, and the young woman acknowledged that she was going to keep her baby. I think this couple overheard an abortion center "counselor" taunting me. By revealing his own malevolent character, this "counselor" may have helped the couple change their mind.

The second save was a Latin family. I'll call the woman "Laura". I saw Laura embracing her husband in the parking lot, with their 3-year-old son standing next to them. I called out to her, encouraging her to forego abortion. I called out to the boy: "Tell mommy you want a little brother or sister." Then, as Laura slowly walked across the parking lot toward the building, I called out: "Even if you sign a waiver, you can still sue them if they injure you, and your family can sue if they kill you." Later, Laura came out of the building and told me that she changed her mind about abortion. I congratulated Laura, and asked her: "What made you change your mind?" Laura answered: "You." With that, she got in the car, and her husband drove away.

Rose Mary Leon

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