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Rose Mary Leon

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June 5, 2001 Report

I worked at Mission Hills.  CARE volunteer Diane joined me.  There was one save and one turn-away.  PTL!

Grateful Grandmother: "Peggy" brought her daughter "Nancy" for an abortion.  Diane counseled them on fetal development, saying:  "It's not just a piece of tissue, it's a baby.  There is a heartbeat at 3 weeks.  Then they walked over to the other entrance and they met me. I also counseled on fetal development. I said the baby has a heartbeat, and Peggy said:  "Yes, we know.  At 3 weeks."  Then I told them that the baby has brainwaves and his own blood type and his own little fingerprints.  They went into the building.   Within an hour, they came out, and they stopped to talk with Diane. Peggy caressed Diane's face and said: "I am going to be a grandmother. Thank you."

Rose Mary Leon

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