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March 23, 2001 Report

Dear friends,

I worked at a Mission Hills, California, mill yesterday (Thursday 3/22/2001). Ann, who attended my sidewalk counseling seminar last Saturday, joined me. We had one turn-away.

Ann has a knack for talking with the young dads. She says the young men remind her of her son. She got 2 or three of the dads to go back into the building to try to get the mom to change her mind. But we did not see any moms come out still pregnant. We only stayed for two hours, so we didn't really see anyone leaving. What a blessing it is to see Ann sidewalk counseling. She is the first fruit from our Spring 2001 seminar series. Ann is a good counselor. She said she will be there again next Thursday. If she persists, I know that God will use her to spare many lives. Please pray for her.

The turn-around was a young woman I spoke with. She was going into the mill for a pregnancy test. She said she is not sure what she will do if she is pregnant. I sent this abortion-minded maybe-pregnant young lady to a CPC. I explained that the mill was performing abortions that day, and if she gets a positive result there, she might be pressured to decide on abortion today. But if she goes to a CPC, they will not offer abortion, and no one will try make her decide today, so she can have more time to think about it. She agreed that she needed time to think about it and she didn't want anyone asking her to decide that day, so she went to the CPC. Praise the Lord.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Rose Mary Leon

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