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March 26, 2001 Report

Dear friends,

On Saturday I went to a Mission Hills mill. There was one save, and one turn-away. The turn-away was a young couple who was not there long enough to have an abortion. I don't whether that was what they came for. But anyway, they didn't do it.

The save: At least for the weekend, the baby is safe. As the couple was going in, I gave the woman a literature packet. Soon, the husband came out, and he stopped to talk with me. He said they have a 2-month-old baby, and it is too soon to have another one. I explained that they already have another child, discussing fetal development and showing him fetal pictures. I told him: "The issue is not whether you and your wife are ready to have another child. You have another child growing in her womb. The issue is, now that you have another child, are you going to protect your child, or are you going to kill it?" I urged him to get his wife out of the abortion center, and he agreed. He went back into the building, and it wasn't long before he came back out with his wife. I talked with her. She said she still intends to abort. So I asked her: "But you are not doing it today, are you?" She said: "No, I'm not doing it today, but I will do it next week." When I suggested that she can change her mind, she was adamant that she has already made up her mind. So I told her: "It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. If you change your mind, I can help you. Here's my card." So she accepted my card and thanked me. She got in the car, and they left. Please pray for this family.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Rose Mary Leon

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