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May 11, 2001 Report

(Note: Due to an injury, I was out of commission for a while. I was injured on March 31, and I returned to the sidewalk on Thursday April 26.)

On Thursday 4/26, there was one save. Ann spoke with "Cecilia", who said that she was going into the mill for an ultrasound. She was not scheduled for an abortion that day, but she said that she intended to abort. Her reason: She already has one child, and she cannot afford another. Ann showed Cecilia the teardrop photo of a 6-week baby still inside the sack. Cecilia looked at the picture tenderly, with a mother's heart. Ann then encouraged Cecilia to choose life for her baby; Ann was striving to bring out Cecilia's noblest traits. In a nutshell, Ann said: "Trust God, and become the woman He intended you to be." Then Cecilia said that she changed her mind about the abortion. Not only that, Cecilia decided to go elsewhere for her ultrasound. She called her boyfriend to come pick her up. Ann and Cecilia kept talking until he arrived. Then Cecilia got into her boyfriend's car, and she left.

As I mentioned before, I recruited Ann by giving a seminar on sidewalk counseling. I am so grateful that God has given me fruit from the seminar.

On Saturday 4/28, there was one save. A young couple stopped to talk with me on their way into the mill. I learned that the woman was going for a pregnancy test and was undecided about what she would do if she is pregnant. When they came out, the woman had a big smile on her face, so I figured she either is not pregnant, or she decided to keep her baby. They stopped their car in the driveway to talk with me as they were leaving. The woman said that she is pregnant. I asked whether they are keeping the baby, and the man said: "Yes, we are keeping the baby." Then he reached out his car window and grabbed the whole stack of brochures out of my hand and drove away with them. Then he threw them out the window into the street. My friend Debbie saw this, and as I was in the middle of the street picking up the brochures, Debbie was lamenting the young man's rudeness. I told Debbie: "They're keeping their baby." Then Debbie laughed heartily, and she said: "Well then, who cares about the literature."

I also reported for duty at the Mission Mills on Thursday 5/3 and Saturday 5/5, but there were no saves.

Yesterday, Thursday 5/10, there were three saves:

First: "Karl" and "Karla" stopped to talk with me on their way into the mill, and they accepted literature. Karla admitted that she was there for an abortion. I asked why, and she just shook her head and went into the mill. They came out less than ten minutes later, and they stopped to talk with Ann. They were smiling, and Karl told Ann that they were not going to have an abortion. Then they left. My comment: Sometimes, just asking an abortion-bound woman "why" is enough to turn her around. Perhaps the question makes her realize there is no good reason to have an abortion.

Second: "Marsha", 16, arrived with three "friends"--"Marla", "Gary" and "Sherry". Marla accepted a literature packet and then disdainfully threw it on the ground. Marsha picked up the literature off the ground and told me that she would read it. Marsha acknowledged that she was there for an abortion and stated that she had no choice but to abort, because her parents don't want her to have a baby. I told Marsha that if she decides to have her baby, we can find her a place to stay. Marla and Gary took the literature away from Marsha and wouldn't let her read it. Later, Marsha came out of the mill with Sherry. Sherry seemed spooked by the atmosphere in the mill. Sherry said: "I don't like it in there." Marsha said she was not going to have an abortion. Marsha said she needs a place to stay. She said: "I can't go home. My parents don't want me to have this baby." Marsha said she needed a ride, because her "friends" Marla and Gary had left. I directed Marsha and Sherry to the Pregnancy Counseling Center, where volunteers gave free counseling and contacted several maternity homes on Marsha's behalf. They also called Marsha's mom. Marsha's mom relented, and Marsha was allowed to go home pregnant. Marla and Gary came to the Pregnancy Counseling Center and took Marsha home.

Third: "Cynthia" and "Russ" parked their car at the curb. I approached them as they were getting out of the car. Cynthia initiated the conversation, asking: "What are you smiling about." I told Cynthia that I was smiling because I was hoping to help her. I explained that if she is pregnant, I could help her with food, rent, clothing, and other necessities. I told her: "Children are a precious gift from God, and I will do whatever I can to help pregnant moms have their babies. Are you pregnant?" Cynthia replied softly: "Yes, I'm pregnant, but I'm having an abortion today." I said: "That's very sad. Why don't you want your baby?" Cynthia said that she already has one baby and she cannot take care of another one. I gently asked Cynthia: "I'm sure you love your child, don't you?" Cynthia said yes. Then I gestured toward my lower abdomen and I asked: "But you don't love this one? How far along are you?" She said 6 weeks. So I showed her the 6 week teardrop photo and discussed fetal development with her. Cynthia asked: "What if I don't know who the father is?" I told Cynthia: "Even if you don't know who the father is, you know that you are the mother." I asked Cynthia whether Russ is the father of the baby, and Cynthia said "We think so." Cynthia had a literature packet in her hand and she started going through it. She found the brochure entitled "Did you know", and she looked at the picture on the back of the brochure that showed aborted babies in a trash can. The picture had the caption "Human garbage." Cynthia pointed to the picture and asked: "What's this?" I told her: "Those are babies that were thrown in the trash after they were killed." Cynthia looked like she was on the verge of tears, and she said: "Oh, my God!" Then Cynthia and Russ walked to the end of block and stood there talking for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then they came back over to me, and Cynthia said that she decided not have an abortion. Cynthia and Russ got in their car, and they left.

My dear friends, thank you for all your prayers and support.

Shalom in Messiah,
Rose Mary Leon

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