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Rose Mary Leon

Cherish And Respect Everyone (CARE)

Reaching out to abortion-bound women since 1999

Offering life-affirming alternatives and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus the Messiah


December 2000



“Hanukkah” is the Hebrew word for “dedication”.  This Jewish holiday celebrates the rededication of the holy temple in Israel after it had been defiled by a foreign conqueror.  God’s people regained possession of the building and immediately began cleaning the premises to sanctify the temple for use as the central place of worship for the one and only true God.

      Although we don’t know what day Jesus, our Savior, was born, it is appropriate that His birth is remembered and celebrated at this time of year.  At Jesus’ birth, people had their first opportunity to behold His physical, human presence.  He later referred to His body as a Temple, saying:   “This temple will be torn down and raised up again after three days.”

      The New Testament reveals that each of us is a temple for God’s Holy Spirit.  We are to keep ourselves sanctified and clean in every way--body, mind, soul and spirit.  We must dedicate ourselves to the things of God.

      God has put a special calling on my life, and He has put zeal in my heart for defending human life, especially pre-born children.  Not only has God put it on my heart to do sidewalk counseling, but to do it full time, and to recruit others.  So, with renewed dedication, and with these goals in mind, CARE has some special events planned.




Susan Shandroff benefit concert, Saturday January 27, 2001, 7:30 p.m. at Christ Community Church, 7911 Winnetka Avenue.  Susan Shandroff is a dear friend and a CARE supporter.  She has graciously agreed to do a benefit for CARE.  She plays guitar and sings her own original songs.  Her style is similar to Joan Baez.  Her tape, “Love Songs to the Lord,” will be available for purchase at the concert.  We will not be selling tickets to the event, but there will be a love offering for CARE.  Please make a list of everyone you know who would enjoy the concert or would be interested in hearing about CARE, and then invite them.  Flyers will be included in the next mailing.


Sidewalk counseling seminar and workshop, entitled “How to legally and peacefully save pre-born children through intercessory prayer and sidewalk counseling,” Saturday March 17, 2001, at Christ Community Church, 7911 Winnetka Avenue, Winnetka, California.  We will have a two-hour seminar, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., followed by a workshop outside an actual abortion facility.  Again, please make a list of everyone you know who might be interested in this seminar/workshop, and invite them.  Flyers will be included in a later newsletter, and seminar information will be posted on the Internet at






Rebecca Marquevich bought groceries for a needy CARE mom, and visited her home.

Pastor Eric Thomas and the Board of Elders at Christ Community Church have graciously agreed to host CARE events.

Susan Shandroff has agreed to do a benefit concert for CARE.

Stephanie Silverman assisted with this mailing.




Last month, we saw five lives spared.  Here are some of the stories:


It’s a God thing:  Sometimes ladies go into the killing center despite my attempt to influence them to nix their abortion plan.  But they change their mind while they’re inside the killing center, and they tell me this as they are leaving.  It is especially humbling to note that some of the ladies who change their minds are the ones I missed, who didn’t get my literature or stop to talk with me.  It’s a God thing.  It is an answer to prayer—your prayers.  Thank you for lifting up this ministry in prayer.


A lady’s choice:  Sometimes God uses our presence to encourage a lady to resist being coerced into having an abortion.  “Marlene” and “Murray” parked at the curb.  I went up to the car, handed them literature and encouraged them to choose life.  Then I left them alone.  Murray got out of the car, walked around to Marlene’s side and opened the door for her.  But she didn’t get out of the car.  Murray tried to coax Marlene with kindness.  He got back in the car and cuddled her.  Then he got out again and tried to summon her to get out of the car.  She didn’t budge.  After a while, Murray started cussing..  Meanwhile, Debbie and I were watching and praying.  Finally, after about half an hour of trying to get Marlene out of the car, Murray gave up.  As they drove away, Marlene waved at us.


A double save:  “Claudia” came out of the building and lingered by the back door.  She stated that she is pregnant and undecided about whether to have her baby.  Then “Sonia” came out the back door and told me that she changed her mind and decided to have her baby.  I said, “Praise the Lord,” and Sonia flashed a big smile.  So I said to Claudia, “Look how happy she [Sonia] is.  You can be happy, too.”  Then Sonia and Claudia had a conversation, none of which I heard.  But I lifted up their conversation in prayer.  Then Sonia’s ride came, and Sonia left.  Then “LaShandra”, who works in the building and is visibly pregnant, stopped to talk with Claudia.  I lifted up their conversation in prayer.  While they were talking, “Dolores,” 12, came out after her abortion, and her parents were waiting to take her home.  Dolores looked devastated.  After Dolores and her parents drove away, I called out to Claudia, “Did you see how unhappy that girl looked after her abortion?  Do you want that to be you?”  Then Claudia took her phone out of her purse and made a call.  I think she was calling for a ride.  Then I saw Claudia and LaShandra laughing, and my hunch was that Claudia had chosen life.  Claudia’s ride came, and she left.



As the year 2000 comes to a close, please give as generously as you can.  Please make your tax-deductible gifts payable to American Missionary Association and send them to me at the address shown below.  Thank you for your support.  Your gifts make this work possible.

Cherish And Respect Everyone (CARE)
18533 Roscoe Blvd #167, Northridge, CA  91324

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