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Dear family & friends,

Praise the God of Israel!

We have just returned from the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. GLORY! What a delight it was for all of us to be with these persecuted Christians. The federal Marshals haven't stormed the building yet while people are occupying it and having great church meetings. Thus, more people are needed to go and help occupy. The Lord blessed the three of us Michigan families that went with tremendous opportunities to witness to a photographer and reporter from the Associated Press yesterday. They got great shots of the kids doing homeschool and playing. One federal congressman will introduce their (I.B.T.) new petition to stop this tyranny on the House floor Dec. 14th. We hope to go back down next week for a while and help get the petition drive going. Corrie is very excited about helping Dad with petitioning again. We are asking God for the funds to mail copies of the petition to every church in the Indianapolis area and for them to speak out against this persecution.

Recently we have met some Christians from Wisconsin who have moved to Grand Blanc (an hour south of us near Flint). We have arranged to begin ministry at the Flint abortion mill starting tomorrow morning. What an answer to prayer! Pray that all goes well and that God calls forth many laborers to minister down there.

Last Wednesday morning I was driving to the mill to sidewalk counsel and preach. Just before I got there, Officer Doug Nelson of the Saginaw Township Police pulled my familiar van over. He wrote me out a ticket saying that I had gone through a yellow light. Being as he kept me there a while, all of the workers had entered the mill when I arrived there. Shortly after that, another police car arrives. They served me court papers signed by a local probate judge. The manager at one of the mills, Mrs. Janice Qualman, applied for and was granted a Personal Protection Order against me. It says that she feels nervous. The order prohibits me from being anywhere near her or her place of employment for one year. I explained to the officers that they had just been used by abortionists to try to silence any offers of help to hurting women and doomed children who go there. They politely listened while I described how children get murdered in there. Of course I refused to sign on the dotted line when they told me to do so. To keep schedule with the other families accompanying us to Indianapolis, I had to leave then. There are a couple of local lawyers that help me with attacks like this. B.J. Brown of the American Family Association Center for Law and Policy gladly offered to help as an expert consultant when I called him in Mississippi. Lord willing, I'll be able to get a quick hearing and get this cancelled. If it isn't cancelled, the penalty is one year in jail just for showing up at the mill next time. No, I don't plan to stay home and let the babies die whether this pit-o-hell court order gets cancelled or not.

Please pray against these evils. On average, 4,000 American children get murdered by surgical abortion every single day. The way we treat the least of these, the way we treat the widow and the orphan, this is how we treat Jesus. May God mercifully awaken us so that we stand and faint not.

We are grateful for God's grace and care manifested through others,

Cal (& Trish)

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