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April 5, 2001

Holiness unto the Lord!

Joshua and Caleb have been released from the hospital and are doing well! Their miraculous escape from abortion and their survival in the hospital after premature birth are cause for rejoicing. By court order, the mother was supposed to go into a drug treatment center. The babies are now with their aunt. Please pray.

The Saginaw killing centers are slaughtering children with vigor. During March we saw eight turn-aways and two saves. Two weeks ago, all of the workers and ten moms suddenly left before killing. The abortionist must have called in and cancelled for the day. Only two of the moms received literature as they drove away. Yesterday, I thought that one of the moms who came to kill looked like one of the ones that had left two weeks earlier. Some moms are crying when they arrive, more are crying when they leave. Some of them claim to be Christians and have a "peace" about their decision to murder. God can grant peace but so can the devil! God's peace means comfort from Him while being at war with sin. The devil's peace means false comfort from hell while still living in sin.

For years I have tried to get the Assemblies of God to update their national pro-life position paper to include condemnation of chemical abortion, abortifacient contraception, etc. In May I'll get my shot. My resolution will be presented to our district council for consideration. If approved, then the national executive presbyters must consider it. Four other pastors have volunteered to help with the presentation and defense while it is on the floor for discussion. Nobody there will be pro-abortion, but I don't want this matter to die for lack of time, neutralizing amendments, or hesitancy over lack of research. Thus, I'm researching. If any of you have brochures from manufacturers of abortifacients, it would help me tremendoulsly to have those ready. If my research is accurate and thorough, if people's questions are answered (if I anticipate those questions and answer them first), this might just work. If people sense that I've done my homework, have a humble spirit, and am right; I hope for their support.

God provided a video camera for us last month. These are wonderful tools to have while on the streets. Often police will be inhibited from lying and abusing sidewalk counselors if they are being recorded.

Thank you for praying for us. We are grateful.

Cal (for Trish, Corrie, David, Jim, & Eva)

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