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July 13, 2001

God is holy!

Tomorrow morning we drive to Wichita to stand with the Church against murder by abortion. Please pray for us. Please pray that the killing stops.

This was a rough week at the Saginaw abortion mills. Ten people came to kill their children on Wednesday alone. Besides the usual foul-mouthed fathers and friends accompanying the mothers, the police came. The officer was respectful of me, which was a nice change for Saginaw Township. A couple of men in the parking lot tried to shut me up by telling the policeman that I threw a rock at their car. The officer knew me and didn't believe it. Moms came out limping and crying after killing. One mom named Sonya stopped her car in the driveway on her way out. "I know it was murder and wrong ..."

When I asked her to repent and confess her sins to Jesus, she replied, "Oh, I know He is always with me."

One woman and her man walked up to me. She sheepishly began, "I had my post-abortion check-up, and I so regret having it now. I'm pro-life and I can't believe I did that."

I listened and offered to pray with her so that she could confess her sins to God right then and there. "I believe in God and know He is there for me."

She wouldn't pray, but she kindly thanked me for being there. She said that she remembers me from two weeks ago. She said that she was messed up now and on medication. She repeated, "I can't believe I had an abortion!"

I asked her which of the abortionists hurt her, but she didn't even want to know his name the day she came to kill, so they didn't tell her.

We refuse to accept child-killing as part of our culture. We refuse to peacefully co-exist with the shedding of innocent blood. Whatever you read about Wichita or hear in the media next week, know that all Christians participating with the event have vowed to remain peaceful. We have joy in the battle as righteousness prevails against evil. Our King blesses us.

Thank you all for praying. I'll be at the Saginaw death camps tomorrow morning for a couple of hours before the convoy leaves. For those of you hoping that I stay out of trouble, I will. Trouble is staying home and letting the babies die instead of rescuing them. Trouble is ignoring the call of God to love our neighbors who are being butchered by people who think that God is with them.

Lastly, today was Corrie's 8th birthday. It was grand. She decided on her own to give some of her birthday money in the offering at the rescue rallies next week.

We are praying and preparing for REVIVAL in America.

Cal (Trish, Corrie, David, Jim, Eva)

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