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June 20, 2001

Praise the God of Israel!

So far this month there has been one save and at least four turnaways from the Saginaw (Michigan) abortion mills. Dozens of children were murdered and mothers wounded.

Saturday, June 16 was eventful. An angry mom tried to drive over me while I was sidewalk (not in the street!) counseling. Being as there were four witnesses, I decided that this crime needed to be reported. Two Saginaw Township officers arrived. Being as some officers from the Township have been very unprofessional in the past, we have chosen to always video tape them when they come to talk to us at the mills. One of the officers was respectful this time while one was not. He was angry that we recorded the conversation. He refused to take my statement and eventually shoved the hand of the lady who was then peacefully holding the camera five feet away from him. One of the other ladies later told me that she went home and cried after witnessing such tyranny. The police chief and I spoke about these matters today. He told me the name of the detective who will investigate the attempted assault with a motor vehicle and he assured me that he would instruct his officers again about professional conduct. Just in case this pattern of unprofessionalism by the police continues, we are keeping the statement of the assaulted lady and the video tape of the incident.

One grandmother who brought her daughter to the mills last week to kill her grandchild remarked to me, "God gave us abortion to take care of mistakes."

One man who had a Christian emblem on his truck didn't appreciate my efforts to talk him and his friend out of an abortion. Responding to my charge of blasphemy for displaying a Christian symbol while murdering a child, he said, "I'll take the symbol off."

This shedding of innocent blood must stop! Church acceptance of the shedding of innocent blood must stop! We ask you again to come to the streets to pray and minister.

Our friends, Matt and Elissa Whitlock, are still in Nepal but safe. Thank you for praying for them while that country is in turmoil.

This week I have begun a new job/ministry. The Constitution Party has hired me to be their national field director. We are excited! I get to encourage Christians to stop abortion by obeying God and no longer voting for abortionists and to come out to the streets to live out the Gospel. Although we didn't make requests for financial support since I stopped working outside temp. jobs last November, God has provided. We praise Him. We are thankful that He put it on some of your hearts to help this year. We are very grateful.

Guess who is authorized by his church to baptize children? Abortionist George Tiller offers to baptize your child after he murders it by abortion. We are planning to join many of you in Wichita July 14-21 for ministry with Operation Save America. Over 2,000 peaceful Christians were arrested for rescuing children in 1991 in Wichita. I learned on a conference call yesterday that the "pro-life" mayor and police are attempting to intimidate pastors and churches into staying home and letting the babies die.

Summer is here and we are having fun with the children. Swimming, strawberry picking, ministering at abortion mills, ministering at the Arabic festival, reading martyr books together, and playing outside in the long daylight hours all make this season wonderful. God has truly blessed us.

Please keep praying. There are so many people murdering children.

We pray God's blessings upon you.
Cal (Trish, Corrie, David, Jim, Eva)

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