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May 30, 2001

Holiness unto the Lord!

We again thank you who pray for us and our ministry. Trish and I are doing well. All of the children are blessed and healthy.

We saw ten turn-aways from the Saginaw abortion mills and one save this month. The Saginaw Township police didn't interfere with us outside of the killing centers. Dozens of children were murdered here with nobody interfering in the abortion mills to stop the slaughter. One couple came in arguing with each other this morning. The woman wiped her tears and bolted into the pit of murder. The man responded to my offer of help by swearing and saying, "I hope they kill her too!"

Most of the over thirty child killing centers in Michigan have no on-site pro-life witness. Please join us at the mills. Please join us in asking the Lord of the harvest to call forth laborers into the harvest field.

On the National Day of Prayer I prayed and stood against the shedding of innocent blood that stains our once Christian nation. A friend and I spent the morning and early afternoon sidewalk counseling in front of the downtown Detroit Planned Parenthood offices. P.P. has their offices in Central United Methodist church. Child sacrifice is openly celebrated while the glory of God has departed. Three police officers came when P.P. called them but left without incident. Yes, a pro-life witness in front of P.P. in a Methodist church building was a rare event. They closed down early and people coming for appointments were puzzled at the closed place. We witnessed to many people and distributed much literature. One woman was given a ride home from P.P. in a March of Dimes van that had writings on it celebrating healthy mothers and babies. What a bitter deception!

We leafleted Cass Tech High School later that afternoon and held up pictures of aborted children when school let out. I was able to pray with at least a dozen individuals and got into some meaningful discussions.

Straight Gate Church in Detroit was hosting a large meeting that evening for the National Day of Prayer. A friend had contacted them, encouraging them to pray against abortion and requesting permission to distribute pro-life literature on the public sidewalk when it ended. They declined. Two of us showed up with pro-life signs to pray and mourn by the driveways. For all who came up to us to talk, we quietly invited them to pray with us against abortion right then and there on the public sidewalk. One man jumped at me and stole my sign. His friend said the thief was a cop. Although I gave a description of the thief and his license plate number to the police at the station, they have not been cooperative. Some of the crowd entering the prayer meeting were pro-abortion and unthankful for our exhortation. Yes folks, this is what it has come to. Please read Isaiah chapter one. Tolerating the shedding of innocent blood is an abomination to Jehovah! I heard that the National Day of Prayer meeting at the capitol in Lansing tried to ignore the guy with the pro-life sign while they had at least one politician speaker who advocates murder by abortion.

The Assemblies of God - Michigan District Council voted to approve my resolution asking our national presbyters and their Doctrinal Purity Committee to update and expand the A.G. national pro-life position paper. All of my time spent researching and preparing was blessed. Now, quite a bit more time and energy needs to go into this project. More materials need to be ordered and distributed.

The rescued twins, Joshua and Caleb, are growing and doing well. We saw them this morning and yesterday. Their mother is in another treatment center. Please pray that she will wholeheartedly follow Jesus and turn her back forever on worldliness.

One young man came to talk to us at the driveway of the Saginaw abortion mills last week. He isn't obeying Christ, but he readily accepted our offer to pray that his "girlfriend", Deetrice, would change her mind while in the mill.

"Yeah, and she's got twins," he said.

"Just like little baby Joshua and baby Caleb," Eva piped up.

A highlight for the month of May was when V A Thampy came to visit us from India. We hosted a home meeting on short notice and were greatly blessed by this apostle. He oversees the many ministries of Christ for India. 4,000 American children are murdered daily by surgical abortion. About 40,000 people in India die daily and go to hell who have never even heard the Gospel once. Many native evangelists and pastors are being persecuted. Some have been martyred. We saw the pictures and heard the stories. Please pray for India. Thampy told me to pray and then to seriously consider bringing a team over to India for a short-term mission. 4,000 babies. 40,000 Indians. Every number is a face, a soul, a tragedy.

There is no hope without Jesus. With Jesus, the future is as bright as the promises of God.

We are waving the Gospel banner while singing the praises of our God.

Thank you for your help.

We are striving to be faithful witnesses,
Cal, (Trish, Corrie, David, Jim, & Eva)

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