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Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Terror and Horror
Constitution Party Joins Prophetic Protests Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research

by Cal Zastrow, Constitution Party national field director

"Fools! Crazy religious fanatics! Idiots!"

Such were the welcoming comments from many people in Washington, D.C. when I joined other pro-life leaders Sept. 6-9 to protest President Bush's decision to fund Nazi-like embryonic stem cell research. Representatives from Operation Save America, Operation Rescue West, Christian Defense Coalition, and other pro-life organizations came together to pray, prophesy, lobby congressmen, and protest against murdering children in embryonic form.

The Constitution Party was the only political party sending representatives. Very little media coverage recorded us as we spoke up for the innocent children. I was one of the street preachers who prophesied in front of the Hart Senate Office Building and other places. I prophesied publicly that God would send crushing judgement on this nation for the shedding of innocent blood. I prophesied with others that horror, terror, and death would come upon us because of our national sins including pride, greed, and abortion. We prayed. We preached.

Thirteen were arrested on Sept. 7 for kneeling and praying outside of Health and Human Services (which will oversee the distribution of $250 million dollars of federal funds for research).

Nineteen were arrested on Sept. 8 for kneeling and praying on the public sidewalk (they didn't block access to anything) facing the White House. I stood across from them while they were being arrested. My giant sign read, "George W. Bush is not pro-life!" I preached loudly to hundreds of tourists watching that the judgement of God would soon smite this nation because we have sinned and violated His Law. I prophesied again that horror and terror would soon be poured out upon our nation. I cried out that the innocent blood that has been shed in our land will be avenged by Almighty God. So, we were mocked, called names, and disregarded. Even some Christians criticized us for speaking judgement and warnings instead of only love.

Howard Phillips joined us and spoke at our rally on Sept. 7th. South Carolina Constitution Party candidate and assistant leader, Steve Lefemine, was arrested twice for praying. He, I, and others had some intense times of prayer for our nation as we came and went from our motel, the Pentagon Best Western near the Pentagon.

As I write this on Tuesday morning, September 11, I have just heard reports on the radio of the plane crashes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We live by the Saginaw, Michigan airport. All flights are cancelled in America. I'm going to jump in our van now and go to the airport to see if I can help give rides home to the stranded travelers there.

May God have mercy on us. May people repent and flee from the wrath to come! As I pray and seek God, I sense that He warns me that more judgement is forthcoming. Thus, I will continue to prophesy. God will continue to show Himself as a holy righteous Judge. Today can be a day of grace for those who call upon the Lord and turn from all sin. Tomorrow may not provide time for grace or repentance.

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