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Friday, April 20, 2001

There were about 22 on the first shift. No baby killer was seen. Last Call Ministries reported two turnaways at 2500 Main Street today. Here is a report from sidewalk counselor Linda Palm:

I had a turnaway about 9 AM. A young girl and guy parked on the north side of the building in the Sunoco parking lot. I was calling to the man first while the woman was re-parking her car because she was unable to get out of the car on her side. This gave me more time to call to the father. When the woman got out I was then able to call to her. They went inside the clinic for about 20 minutes, came out, and turned the car around in the back of the building. When they departed they made a right turn, and the girl (who was driving) waved and smiled at me.

There were two possible turnaways on the second shift at 2500 Main Street (Buffalo GYN Womenservices), today after 10:00 AM.

A car turning around in the Sunoco station's parking lot was approached by Bob Behn, who offered literature to the man driving. He refused the literature but Bob was able to call to the woman inside. The driver let the woman and a very young girl (about 8) out at the front door where Bob was able to continue to call to her. They entered the clinic and the 10-year-old immediately came outside. She stood on the sidewalk looking confused and distraught. The woman came out after about 10 minutes. She took the little girl's hand and began to look for the car. They then departed, and they didn't return today.

Two women in an auto were witnessed to as they were looking for the clinic. They drove into the clinic parking lot and were gone for about 10 minutes. Bob Behn was able to call to them again. They paused for a while, then went back into the parking lot, turned around and left. They did not return.

Bob Behn

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