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April 3, 2001

Praise God, another baby was spared.

On Friday, March 23, a mother and father left the largest killing center in Western New York, Buffalo Gyn Womenservices at 2500 Main Street. This clinic (aligned with Planned Parenthood in this region) has been instrumental in bringing about the most restrictive injunctions in our nation. These partners in blood have made it impossible to speak to or hand literature to pregnant women entering the BGYNW killing center by vehicle.

The injunction also prohibits any prayer, sharing the Gospel or a presence within a sixty foot area of the clinic. This sixty feet so cleverly conceived has ruined the lives of many women and cost the lives of their children. The sixty foot restrictions are actually 110 feet in the Easterly direction because the sixty feet would require people to stand in busy Main Street, which is also included in the injunction. To the west everything is totally blocked off because of natural and man made objects. To the North of the obituary stands a Sunoco gas station. The injunction prohibits pro-life people from being anywhere near the Sunoco station's driveway thus forcing everyone to be approximately 120 feet in the Northerly direction. To the South of the clinic's driveway stands a dry cleaners that has no driveway but where customers are permitted to park on the public sidewalk (called a sidewalk parking area in the injunction) which we are banned from being on. This forces us to go 140 feet in the Southerly direction.

All of this has been cleverly designed to take away any opportunity to speak to anyone driving into the clinic, which constitutes 90% of their business. Despite the drop in babies being saved we are still blessed by a few. This particular Friday a father and mother came out of the clinic and approached their car parked in the gas station. Our counselor, Mickey Van de Ven, called to the couple. Their response was to tell Mickey they were keeping their baby. Mickey asked them to come over to speak to her. They approached Mickey where upon Mickey could see she was crying Mickey and the woman hugged each other. Mickey offered her literature and help. The woman smiled, took the literature and left.

Isn't Jesus good?

Bob Behn
Executive Director
Last Call Ministries
Operation Save America

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