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April 7, 2001

Below is information about the saves, both definite, probable, and possible, this week:

Tuesday - April 3, 2001

A car went down Main Street and turned right at the tri-main center corner. It very quickly then did a u-turn. I went over to the corner, approached the car when they stopped at a red light at Main Street, and offered them literature.

The young woman in the passenger seat opened her window and accepted the literature. I asked whether they were headed for the clinic. She said, "no," but then a few seconds later asked where the clinic was. When I said, "you are headed for the clinic, aren't you," she admitted she was.

She told me she was sixteen years old and 6 weeks pregnant. She was accompanied by her boyfriend. I spoke with her for several minutes (through a few red lights) about her options, help available, her religious beliefs regarding abortion, the dangers of abortion, etc. She would share very little but listened quite attentively.

After several minutes, she stated, several times, that she had to get going but would come back. I was not clear what she meant, but thought she might be parking the car and coming back. I left them alone. They sat at the corner for a while longer, then left. They did not return either to the clinic or to talk with me. The girl's attitude was a bit "cagey."

I remained at the corner until the end of the morning and both my son and I looked for the car. They never returned. I see two possibilities:

  1. She changed her mind about the abortion.
  2. Her abortion was not scheduled for Tuesday and she was simply trying to locate the clinic ahead of time. By, "I'll come back," she would have meant she would come back another day for her appointment.

Friday - April 6, 2001 - Confirmed save

A young, 20ish, woman approached the clinic. Mickey offered her literature and attempted to speak with her. She would not talk. She entered the clinic and Mickey prayed for her.

A while later, she left the clinic. She was in tears. Her boyfriend was there and tried to convince her to go back into the clinic. She refused. She walked down toward the gas station. The boyfriend caught up with her in his car and spoke to her again.

Mickey tried to speak with her, but she would not talk and seemed rather anxious to "get out of there." Eventually, the boyfriend left in his car, headed toward Sisters. She continued walking and stopped in the restaurant across from the pharmacy.

Hetty caught up with her there and spoke with her for a few minutes. She did not want any help.

Friday - April 6, 2001 - Possible save

A young, 19ish, man entered the clinic via the front door on foot. A few minutes later, he, another young man, and a young woman left the clinic via the back door, walked down the driveway, then turned toward the cleaners. I caught up with them on the bridge. We spoke for some time.

The girl, Corey, was 17 years old, 14 weeks pregnant, and has no other children. She is enrolled in a GED program. She stated that she has an appointment next week for an abortion but does not think that she will be doing it. She does not think that it is the right thing to do. She is not interested in adoption and thinks she will probably keep her child. She accepted literature and, when offered, said that she wanted my name and phone number.

She has promised to call if she wants any help or anyone to talk with. My guess would be that she will not be back to the clinic. I do not know why she was at the clinic on Friday.

Please pray for her.

Kathy Masse
Director Sidewalk Counselors
Last Call Ministries

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