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February 17, 2001

Sidewalk counselor Sharon Murphy reported a baby and mother saved on Friday, February 16. Sharon reported that at about 9:00 a.m., a blue van drove into the parking lot at 2550 Sweethome Road, the slaughter house owned by abortionist Shalom Press.

Sharon began calling to the two women in the van. After about fifteen minutes, the two exited the van and walked toward the clinic. Sharon implored them to come over to the fence so she could speak to them, and they responded by approaching the fence. The woman, Rachel, who was going in for an abortion was accompanied by her mother.

Rachel was three months pregnant with two children at home and said she couldn't afford any more. Sharon told Rachel she would never forget this day if she aborted her baby. Sharon offered them help, explaining that we knew people who would love to adopt her child. After speaking to them, they both began to cry. Sharon convinced her she could keep this baby also, and offered them help if she kept the baby. Rachel said she would, and thanked them for being there for her. Everyone embraced with tears. Sharon gave them the ministry telephone number, telling them we would pray for them, and they left.

All praise, Glory, and honor to our Lord Christ for this babe's life and mother's decision. This day was a blessing from God. A car stopped and the man who was driving donated $20.00 to the Tonawanda pregnancy center. Another man stopped and gave everyone coffee.

Rev. Bob Behn
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