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We have had one turnaway at 2550 Sweethome Wednesday, January 10th, after 12:30 PM.

On Wednesday January 10 at 2500 Main Street (Buffalo GYN Womenservices) our counselor Kathy was threatened by a mother entering the clinic who said she would stab Kathy with a knife. After the woman entered the clinic the police were phoned. When they arrived they took the information from Kathy and asked if the woman told Kathy she didn't want Kathy to talk to her. Kathy said: "She said don't f--- with me" The police then told Kathy we should be careful who we talked to. They then entered the clinic leaving after a short time and doing nothing even though Kathy had filed a complaint.

Wednesday January 3 a woman left the clinic and ran down the middle of Main Street hitting passing cars, breaking a side view mirror on one car. The driver called the police but they never arrived and the driver left.

There have been turnaways in abundance! Today (Friday, January 12) a couple sat in the car, leaving after 20 minutes.

A cab leaving the clinic stopped on Friday. The couple waved and left.

Wednesday, January 10, there was another confirmed baby saved at 2500 Main Street. The couple accepted a baby gift from the counselor.

Counselor Nancy R. reported a turn away couple on December 29.

Glory to you our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for using your humble servants in such a mighty way.

Rev. Bob Behn
Operation Save America Buffalo

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