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"Cab driver cries: the baby's blood is on my hands!"

On Wednesday, December 27, at about 8:30 AM, while Last Call Ministries’ counselors, sign bearers and prayer warriors were serving Christ across the street from Buffalo GYN Womenservices, an independent cab driver with a blue 1989 Chevy wagon pulled up and stopped at the red signal at the corner. Then suddenly, he turned around and headed back the way he came.

A few minutes later the same cab stopped across the street but about a block away from the corner where we are permitted to stand. Our counselor called across the street to the woman who was reluctantly approaching the death center to speak to her. The woman stopped and drew back from the (so-called) man who was escorting her towards the clinic. It was obvious she wanted to save herself and child from harm.

The cab driver, a male Jamaican named Rodney, parked in front of our people and approached Mike Prestia and the pro-life group. He was yelling to them while crying at the same time that he was Christian and the blood of this baby was on his hands. He said: "I told them that had I known they were going to an abortion clinic I would have refused to take them." He also said he refused to take the money for the fare. He hugged Mike and crying got into his cab and left.

Sometime latter he returned and spoke to another Christian brother, Ken Delozier. He told Ken that the woman in his cab was distraught and didn't want to have the abortion. He then called 911 on his cell telephone and told them he believed a woman was being held against her will at the clinic. Surprisingly enough the police came and entered the clinic, but left about fifteen minutes later without any one. At approximately 9:45 another cab left the clinic's rear parking lot and stopped by the pro-life group. A black woman in the rear seat thanked them for being there and said: "I have changed my mind, I'm going to keep my baby."

Today, January 5, an oriental couple left the clinic telling our counselors they would keep their baby! Glory to Christ for His mighty acts.

Many times we see women leave but never know if they will keep their children. We have seen hundreds of children confirmed saved and many others who we think are turnaways. Nevertheless, we also know that this day 47 cars entered and many women had abortions.

We try not to be caught up in keeping numbers because every child is worth our presence. We also know our service can't end until all legal abortions end in America.

Rev. Bob Behn

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