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Saturday, April 21, 2001

We had a turnaway. Her name is Melody and she has 4 and 8 year old boys. The police were in front of the clinic chasing cars for going through the light (plus other things). We were sure what the driver did when it was not obvious that they didn't go through the light so I decided to move my car, which was parked on the bridge, the next time the female officer went after a car. As I was walking back, Sharon tried to alert me to a girl that came out of clinic. John got my attention and I crossed the street in front of the funeral home and talked to her a few minutes and she said she just couldn't have the abortion. She said she was thinking of adopting out her baby. I asked her if she went to church and she said yes. I gave her a pamphlet and put my name and phone number on it and told her we would help her if she decided to adopt or keep her baby. She stated that her boyfriend would stand behind her decision. You never know what the Lord will use! He used the police officer to put me in the right place and time! Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Three babies, three mothers and fathers were blessed this day. At 2550 Sweethome (Shalom Press Clinic) in Amherst, counselors on the early shift reported after calling to two young ladies through the fenced-in parking lot, the women left and never returned.

Two similar events happened after noon the same day. Rev. Behn and Dick Prince were calling to women from the same area. Two cars left, waving as they departed. A third car leaving, stopped and rolled down the window to accept literature. They talked to Rev. Behn for a few minutes, then left. Unfortunately, they returned later on and entered the clinic.

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