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My Dear Friends in Christ,

Our Lord was good to us Friday. There was very little business at the mill and He provided one save. Praise the Lord! This save was a little strange because it did not come in the normal manner. You know they pull in and park and go in or just sit there while I preach and offer help. No instead this save came from behind me at the gas station next door. The young lady was getting coffee when she heard me preach on courage to a young man who was waiting for the evil deed to be done to his girlfriends baby. I was lost in the Spirit when I felt someone tapping my back. I thought that this was just another person wanting to complain to me about our posters, so I turned around and there was this short young lady asking me for an info-packet. I gave her one and asked her if she was going in and she said not after listening to me. She said that she had changed her mind and thanked me. Wow the Lord took my words and sent them forward and then backward to reach this young lady. Praise the Lord!

This Saturday was living Hell. The parking lot filled up quickly and no one wanted to listen. Their hearts were as hard as steel as they came running for the quick out, the quick fix, better than drugs and more powerful than sex. Sin blackened souls they are. Their Spirits ripped and torn by years of rebellion and war with God. We preached and offered help and Christ for atleast 2 hours. Every one of us took turns with Pastor Jim and I preaching the longest. When the smoke cleared on the battlefield we saw one girl leave. Praise the Lord a turn away!

We cannot win without the Lords Word. Please keep praying for this little ministry. We need all the prayer we can get. Remember that we are out at the mill every Friday and Saturday call this number for the time we start and directions from your house. God Bless all of you.

In Christ Jesus Holy Name
Dan LaFreniere
Director Ft. Worth Pro-life Ministries

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