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My Dear Friends In Christ;

Our Lord started Operation Turn Up the Heat with a big bang. Our first Friday we got 2 turnaway and a mill worker stopped and talked with me and took info in the mill for us! It seems that the large posters had an effect on her heart and she has decided to look into our side. Plus I believe she longs for God and we are her only way to Him for now. So pray for her please. She has much sin on her soul and so desperately needs a Savior.

Saturday our Lord did not slow down. A young couple pulled in the parking lot and the girl covered her self up with a blanket so she would not have to see the signs, but her husband stopped for me anyway and he took info-packet and listened to me for a minute then pulled in and parked. They did not get out of their car, so I started preaching the truth thru a cone. I preached of Gods concern for them and their baby and of His Laws and Ways. I preached about Heaven and Hell and how you get there and I preached about our Lords Love and Mercy. This went on for about 45 minutes and they started up their car and came down to me and parked. The husband waved for me to come over and as I approached the car I noticed that he had tears in his eyes and his wife was sobbing. When I got close to the car he stuck out his hand and took mine in his and shook it and then he thanked me for being there and for the words of our Lord for they saved their baby. I reminded them about the C.P.C and their help and gave them my phone number.

During this time another couple drove in and the husband dropped off his wife. As he was leaving the Lord had him stop in front of Brooks and take some info and chat for a minute and then he left. He did not leave Brooks with any feelings that he might change his mind. So we gathered together and prayed for him. He came back a little later and Pastor Jim preached to him about what God expects from a father and husband and I preached to him about courage and honor. He went back into the mill. Pastor Jim and I prayed and then Pastor Jim took my cone and spoke as loud as he could again to this man about all that we preached to him. When Pastor Jim stopped the man came out and following behind him was his wife. We asked him about the baby and he said they were going to keep the baby and do the right thing. Praise Jesus for it was by His Spirit that this one was changed!

The last one was a couple of woman that stayed out side to smoke, so they saw all that was going on and I took advantage of this when I aimed Gods Word to them. I preached to them for 1 and a half hours off and on and prayed for them in-between. Now it was time to go and we were taking all of the big signs down when those two woman came out of the clinic and got in their car and drove down to me and waved and smiled and I yelled at them "did you keep your baby" and they gave me the thumbs up. Praise our Lord and thank Him for His help. 3 saves! Glory be to our Father in Heaven!

I would like to remind you that we would welcome your help and prayers. Remember that we are out on Fridays at 8:00a.m till around 10:00a.m and on Saturdays at 7.30 a.m till 10:00 a.m. We need woman counselors and men to hold signs and pray.

May you and your family have a great Thanksgiving always remembering who to be thankful too.

In Christ Jesus Holy Name

Dan LaFreniere

Director Ft. Worth Pro-life Ministries

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