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April 20, 2001

I have just learned that this past Saturday there was a botched abortion done at the Westside Clinic by Dr. Herron. This news comes from a very reliable source. The owner of the clinic uses Dr. Herron when he does not have a regular full time doctor on board. As you may recall our Lord took Dr. Goodman away from this clinic for good.

My source said that the baby was born alive but he thinks the poor baby may be damaged. The mother is alive. I should have more information by next week. Please pray for the baby and the mother and lift up your voice to Heaven and plead with the Lord to close this Temple of Evil down! Pray that Dr. Herron does not receive the wrath of our Lord but instead pray that Dr. Herron receives the blessed gift of salvation through our Jesus the Christ, the Son of God. Pray for all of those lost souls who might end up where they should not be.

In Christ Jesus Holy Name,
Dan LaFreniere
Director Ft. Worth Pro-life Ministries

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