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April 4, 2001

We rejoice in the love our Father showers down on His children everyday. We give thanks and praise for His grace and mercy that He gives freely to each and every one daily. This past Saturday our Lord gave us victory over our common enemy and three babies were saved. Four more mothers turned away from Satan's Temple and went home!

There were ten warriors out today and fifteen customers. Which means that our Lord saved half of them! Praise Jesus for His Mercy! We had one young man who showed us how much he hates God by spitting on one of our verse signs. He just didn't spit on the sign, but he directed his spit on the word God only. How brave of him. As the time went by, this young man learned through the preaching of the Gospel just how much God loves him anyway. But the spirit of murder filled his and his girlfriend's hearts and they killed their baby anyway.

We learned Sunday that much prayer had been answered by our Lord. My wife and two of our newer members went soul winning in our abortionist's neighborhood and learned from one of his neighbors that Dr. Judd Goodman had died on March the 26th.

We have been praying hard for the past five months or so asking our Lord for Him to remove Dr. Goodman one way or another. This wicked and evil man has been offered Jesus many times in the past and on each occasion he spurned the offer. He has slaughtered thousand of innocent lives and ruined countless numbers of women's lives during his reign of terror on this sinful world. Our Lord answered our prayers and passed judgment on this man and brought him to our Lord's perfect justice. No longer will he murder the innocent. No longer will he mock God or God's people. His place is now with his master in the pits of hell if he did not repent before his passing. Our fervent prayers are that this killing religion learns from this that God will not be mocked and He is to be feared. We pray that their hearts will soften and they will stop their madness, repenting of their sins and calling upon Christ to become the Lord of their lives and be saved. Praise Jesus! Amen! God is good all the time!

Please start new prayer sessions and ask our Lord to close the West Side Woman's Clinic down for good. Ask our Lord to force the staff to quit and to force the deathscorts to repent! Ask our Lord for His blessings to be showered down on this little ministry and for His divine protection to surround us as we go about the work of the Kingdom of God! Remember all the other front-line ministries also in your prayers and give thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus for the mighty work He has done at this temple of wickedness!

In Christ Jesus Holy Name,
Dan LaFreniere
Director Ft. Worth Pro-life Ministries

P.S. You can read about Dr. Goodman's death on the Star-Telegram website. Click on "Obituaries," then search for "Judd Goodman."

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