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February 6, 2001

This past Saturday was great, weather-wise. We had 24 Saints and the clinic had 12 customers. Pastor Jim and I preached for nearly two hours and the Lord used us and the others prayers and turned one away. Thank you, Jesus!

We reached out once again with the Gospel to our 2 Deathscorts and as always to the customers. As we all know the girls come here because of their sinful lives, and they need our Lord. They need to be saved. Without being saved they may change their minds about killing this baby but they will not change how they live and think. The end result is usually becoming pregnant again out of wedlock (or thru an affair) and, lo and behold, they are here again. Sin is always repeated without Jesus in your life to forgive and uplift and protect and teach.

Please continue your thoughtful prayers of support and encouragement and continue to pray for our Deathscorts to accept our Lord's Salvation. These two young women would become mighty warriors for Jesus if they only would come to love Him and know Him. Pray for our Lord to close the Westside Woman's Clinic down, and to change the heart of Dr. Goodman! Pray for the Body of Christ in this nation. We need it so much. Sin rots from within. Pray for healing and courage.

In Christ Jesus' Holy Name,
Dan LaFreniere
Director Ft. Worth Pro-life Ministries

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