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May 2, 2001

Our Lord favored His children last Saturday. He sent out seven warriors for the Kingdom and He kept the deathscorts away and the staff only had three working. He also stopped the mill's counselor from showing up for work. Praise Jesus for answering the prayers of His children!

As soon as we arrived, three customers pulled in. After my wife offered help and advice I preached to all of them the Gospel of our Lord and Savior. One car pulled out and waved at us with smiles on their faces. Another win for the Holy Word of God! Another baby saved and maybe two more souls captured for Christ?

Soon after this first round the rest of the mill's customers showed up and my wife (Carole) and our friend (Betsy) began offering info-packets with some sound advice and offers of help. I preached to them all and with all of us begging two more turned away and left. Praise Jesus! Glory be to His name!

There were a total of nine customers and three left (one save and two turnaways), leaving 6 poor babies to be murdered.

I have not received anymore news on the two botched abortions. We have decided that the clinic owner has not hired a full time killer yet and he is rotating three local killers part time. We know two of them, but we have not been able to find out the name of the last one. The two we know are Theodore Herron and Vernon Krause. Both have filled in before over the years and both are sloppy and arrogant, full of false pride and vanity. So pray for us that our Lord will help in discovering the name of the third killer. Pray for all of them to receive our Lord and to stop waging war against His children.


Please continue in your prayers for the mills to be closed down and for this little ministry and the Church of Jesus Christ to repent for their lack of faith in the war against abortion. Pray that we can find our way back to that true faith that kept the Church alive in the first 300 years of its life. Pray for those lost souls who might find themselves where they should not be.

In Christ Jesus Holy Name,
Dan LaFreniere
Director Ft. Worth Pro-life Ministries

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