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December 21, 2000


Today (12/21/00) was anything but boring. I decided to take three of my children with me to Richmond Medical Center for Women for several hours of outreach. As Mary Penner, Caleb, Charity, Malachi and I stood near the entrance to the mill, one of Richmond's finest (that's a scary thought) pulled up and said that he had received a report that we were harassing citizens. Motioning to my children, I said that I had not seen them harass anyone. He then began harassing us about two small signs that were leaning against a telephone pole and a fire hydrant. I gladly moved them and thought that this annoying Public Servant would leave. We had returned to the business of saving lives when a cop on the payroll of the clinic came out and began scheming with his buddy. They came back across the road and asked me my name. I told the Officer my first name and when he asked for my last name, I asked if he intended to send me a Christmas card or something. He was unamused and after obtaining my name he then focused on my children and asked for their ages. After some discussion he was made aware that it was absolutely none of his business. He, on the other hand, said that it was and that he felt that I was endangering them by having them outside in the cold. They went inside to call the station and get the backing of the Child Protective Gestapo before attempting to write me up for child endangerment.

By the time they came out of the mill and approached me with more threats, I had already put two of my children in my car and was standing by them with my lawyer on the cell phone (I love AFA's team). I was told that the brainiacs at the Child Protective Gestapo's office had given them the go-ahead to protect my children from me. If I took my own children out of my car, they would arrest me. It should be noted that my children were on a public sidewalk, wearing coats, gloves, stocking caps, hoods and in the presence of their father for a period of less than an hour. God Bless America! As we prepared to leave (the patients had all gone in by now), I let Capt. Larry and Sgt. Moe know that I had every intention of having my children with me daily as I ministered on that sidewalk regardless of the heat or cold. After soundly rebuking them both, they turned and reentered the abortion mill. No doubt, they felt that their little world was a safer place since they were sworn in as government Nannies.

While butting heads with the Gestapo, I was unaware of great things taking place. Mary came up as my children's guardians were walking away and related this story to me. A car came out of the driveway and with big smiles, the girl told Mary, "We cancelled it". Mary said, "Wonderful, what changed your mind?". The girl said, "We just couldn't do it!". Mary said "Wonderful!" as they drove out smiling at her. Praise YHWH for a baby saved!

Sadly, we had to ask our young pregnant guest to move out yesterday morning. We would have loved to help her longer but she forced our hand. As we began our Hanukkah celebration tonight, I came to the realization that she had stolen a number of items that were intended to be gifts to our children. Have you ever seen the movie, "The Grinch Who Stole Hanukkah". We felt like citizens of Whoville. One thing we have come to realize over the years is that you have to make yourself vulnerable to reach out to young mothers in need. Sometimes you get burned but you are always blessed by the Father. Please pray for her.

I'm sorry this update was so long but I just had a lot to say. YHWH bless and keep you always,

Denny Green

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