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November 10, 2000


Friday, Oct. 13.
As Mary Penner and Mary Juarez were reaching out to women at Richmond Medical Center for Women (abortion mill) a couple decided to let their baby live. When walking into the parking lot, Mary J. approached the couple and interceded on behalf of their baby. The couple went into the mill but then exited and told the pro-lifers that they had changed their minds.

Today, Friday, Nov. 10.
This morning as we were sidewalk counseling at RMCW we had another turn around. A woman was given literature as she entered the clinic and shortly thereafter, she came back out and as she drove by, she opened her window and with a big smile said, " We didn't do it, Thank You".

Not all of the women who change their minds tell us of the impact our presence made. Many women leave, having cancelled their appt's after we speak with them. I'm sure hundreds, if not thousands have been saved due to a pro-life presence at the killing centers.

On Oct. 25, my Dad, Warren A. Green Sr. passed away. Thanks for your prayers. We miss him a lot.

Please consider joining us at the mill during the week. Even a day or two a month would be a tremendous help. Children die because of our lack of concern and compassion.

Planned Parenthood has moved to a new location. They are now at 3415 Floyd Ave. in Richmond. Their new location provides even better opportunities for outreach. Their killing time is each Friday morning around 8am. We will be there this Friday so please join us.

LLM needs your support. Please consider your part in supporting this pro-life Missionary on a regular basis or with a one time gift. Thanks.

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