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January 24, 2001

Life and Liberty Ministries Update # 11


January 9, 2001

We were just about to leave the mill when a young man came out with our literature in his hand. Mary said," You need to read that". He replied,"I read it". Mary then said," If you have somebody inside, you show it to her." He replied, "She read it, she changed her mind." She then came down the driveway and asked if she could have another copy of the paper also. She was supplied with more information and with a relieved look, left the killing center.

Our family spent a week in Tennessee visiting and worshipping with friends. While there, we visited a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Nashville. It looks like several of our Tennessee friends will begin outreach there on a regular basis.

January 24, 2001
I confronted a Christian as she left RMCW abortion mill. She acknowledged that she shouldn't give money to a business that kills 5,000 babies a year and drove away sorry that she had been caught.

Christians are as guilty of murder as the abortionist when they use abortion causing drugs (the pill, Depo Provera, Norplant) or abortion causing devices (IUD). Cheap grace marks the theology, and convenience & selfishness are guiding factors in decision making by a large percentage of the professing church. Shame on those among us who kill their children while raising their hands in a pew or during devotional time at home. So called "Christians" are evil hypocrites worthy of the severest judgment when they accept the counsel of men rather YHWH. Many pastors are willfully ignorant of the dangers of "so called" contraception. Many despise the gifts of YHWH (children) and seek to shape their own destiny and the destiny of their flock by preaching "another gospel." How often has your shepherd condemned the use of abortifacient contraception in premarital counseling sessions or from the pulpit? Children are being aborted in most churches but the practice is seldom addressed. The golden calf of child sacrifice is worshiped by the Christian and non-christian alike. Are you using abortion causing drugs? Is your wife or daughter? Will you call on them to repent and cease from this wickedness. Whether or not you have been ignorant of the fact that most of these drugs and devices can kill babies, you need to make things right and stop now. Drop me a note and I will gladly send you information on this subject.

For the Least of These,

Dennis Green

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