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January 7, 2001


We need your help immediately.

We have identified a killer of preborn children and need for people of conviction to write letters in an effort to have him stop his evil practices.

Letters must always be non threatening. Truth should be communicated in a straightforward way without apology. Use the opportunity to speak on behalf of the babies and our Savior. Our goal is to have him cease from killing and ultimately repent of his sins and be saved.

This man kills children at A Capital Women's Health Clinic in Henrico, Virginia.

I've attached a copy of my personal letter.

If it is not too much trouble, I would like to have a copy of the letter you send, but it is not essential.

Thank you.

For the Least of These,

Dennis Green
Life and Liberty Ministries

Write letters to his home address:

Rodger A. Fraser
9960 Racquet Club Lane #3B
Glen Allen VA, 23060

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