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March 31, 2001


On March 9 (my birthday) seven pro-lifers including myself were on the sidewalk at Richmond Medical Center for Women. Two women entered the clinic after passing us. They didn't seem to be affected by our input. After about 1/2 hour inside, the women came out and as they passed us one said, "We didn't do it, I chose life." Babies die due to a lack of Christian involvement and are saved regularly when Christians live what they say they believe. How about joining us?


On March 23rd Mary Penner, one or two Green youngsters, and I were at RMCW. A couple drove in to get a pregnancy test. This is the bait used by abortion clinics to get their victims inside. I told the couple about the lawsuits against the "doctor" and about Crisis Pregnancy Center down the street. They changed their minds about entering the clinic and went to the CPC instead.


We had a new 4'x6' sign professionally made to use as patients leave Richmond abortion mills.


On March 27 while ministering at RMCW, several police cars pulled up and Officer Barney Fife (I think that was his name) asked if I was about to leave. I said I wasn't, and that I would probably be there for about another hour. He said that I was in violation of a city ordinance. My sign would have to go or I would have to carry it and not let it touch the ground. This of course was ridiculous, and I showed him that it was from the code book he carried. He then said we should be willing to meet him half way and at least walk around occasionally. He didn't want to back down. After realizing that we were going to stand our ground, he changed his story and said that there must have been some miscommunication (there wasn't) and we could stay. Sheriff Taylor must be a patient man.


On April 22, Life and Liberty Ministries will join with Pro-life Action League to shine the light of truth at a large pro-baby killing rally. If you'd like to come along, give me a call.


In mid June, Life and Liberty Ministries will join with Columbia Christians for Life in a Statewide South Carolina Face the Truth Tour. Your prayers, attendance, and support are desired. This will be the first tour of its kind in South Carolina.


From July 2 through July 6, we will take the pro-life message statewide in Virginia. We need your help. The babies need your help. See the information sheet about Face the Truth Tour 2001 and let me know if you can join us.


Please consider financially supporting LLM as we reach out to mothers and their babies at abortion facilities, conduct statewide outreaches, and as we provide housing to pregnant women through the ministry of Liberty Home. Your prayers and support are greatly needed. Thanks.

For the Least of These,
Dennis Green

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