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November Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The words were still on his lips [the King’s boasting], when a voice came from heaven, “This is what is decreed for you, King Nebuchadnezzar: Your royal authority has been taken from you... until you acknowledge that the Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes.” Daniel 4:31-32

Time again to update you on my activities in the past two months. As I have looked back, I’m surprised by how much has happened in that short time. Below are ten experiences that I plan to touch on.

1. Campus preaching, 9/11-12 6. Jail in Saginaw, 9/27-10/10

2. Awareness/Recruitment video for Pastors 7. Campaigning with Howard Phillips

3. Ministry at Summit mill (Milwaukee) & arrest 8. WCU literature drop in Oshkosh

4. Genocide Awareness Project at U of M 9. Witness for babies at Bush & Gore rally

5. Sidewalk counseling at Ann Arbor mill & arrest 10. Ministry at local PP abortuary

Campus Preaching

I joined three brothers to preach on two campuses at Wisconsin State Universities: UW-Oshkosh (9/11), and UW-Green Bay (9/12). Two missionaries to the preborn, Dan Holman and Drew Heiss, came with full time open air campus preacher, Chuck Spangola, who is from Ohio. We had two signs, each reminded the students of the consequences of abortion and sodomy. Chuck would begin to preach, then later give each of us a turn. In Oshkosh we had a crowd of close to 200, in Green Bay, about 25. Our goal was to proclaim God’s Law and Gospel. The preachers of old, like Finney and Spurgeon, preached the Law of God until their audience was convicted of sin and ready to repent. They didn’t try to make people feel good in their sin, like many pastors today. As we described specific sins prevalent in our culture, and what the bible said about them, even suggesting that some in our audience were guilty of them, it generally caused quite a stir. Some would shamelessly shout out their sin, trying to irritate us. Some would seek to mock the Word of God, or the messenger. It was another wake up call for me to see how depraved, or hardened most of the students were. It was also scary to think that such as what we saw, will be our future leaders. It is my prayer that Christians would hunger and thirst for righteousness, not just in their own lives (though it needs to start there), but in our cities, states and nation also.

Video Production

It has been on my mind for a while to visit all the Pastors of Bible believing Christian churches in the area, to invite them to minister at the local abortion mill. I believe the Lord wants me to do that to hold them accountable, if nothing else. I honestly don’t have a lot of faith that they will respond, but my responsibility is to tell them what’s going on and why we need to be there. For that purpose, I invited my friend, John Scherer, who runs 5 Stones Video Productions (as in David’s ammunition to fell Goliath), to come to Appleton. John does video primarily at pro-life events all over the country. I asked him to make a video, with live ministry footage, that I can present to Pastors, to show them where innocent blood is being shed and how they can stop it. When it is completed, if you would like a copy, just let me know, and I will send you one. The video is not for general audiences. Some going to the abortuary, respond in anger when we urge them not to let their child be killed. I have chosen not to edit out the profanity, so that the Pastors will see how people actually behave out there. In the video, on the positive side, I got a chance to present the Gospel to a foreign couple after an abortion, who were very open.

Ministry at Summit abortuary in Milwaukee

John and I went to this mill on 9/23, the same day of a walkathon (Al’s Run) to raise money for a children’s hospital. It was the very first Saturday after the Milwaukee City Council approved a resolution which essentially named pro-lifers, who witness or minister on the sidewalks, as “domestic terrorists.” They encouraged their police department to take stronger enforcement action. As it is, they usually have squad cars parked nearby to watch our every move. The Missionaries to the Preborn, always keep a video camera on hand, to protect the pro-lifers from false charges. I spent most of my time talking to the pro-abort escorts (deathscorts), sharing appropriate scriptures with them, warning of sin and the consequences of leading others into sin. I informed people on their way to the walkathon, what they were walking by, and I challenged them to do something for these children, who were in more urgent need of their help. While I walked about 10 feet behind one woman that came out of the mill, to ask her something, I was stopped by the police and asked for my name. I gave the officer my name twice, but apparently because I didn’t spell it, he arrested me. He wrote on the ticket, “Subject refused to give name.” They had been in their squad car parked down and across the street, in a parking garage. He wrote on another ticket, “Subject followed runners in Al’s Run on sidewalk at close distance, shouting, causing fear and a disturbance.” Each ticket was for $116. Thankfully, Jim Soderna came running over with his video camera, when he saw the squad car go after me. I was released from the police station, after about 20 minutes, and walked back to the abortion mill. How ironic, that on my way back to the mill, I came upon the walkathon. The street was a mass of people. I knew the Lord wanted me to get into the middle of that crowd and begin preaching about the needs of children subject to abortion. I did so for about three blocks, walking backward to face them until I reached the street the mill was on.

The Genocide Awareness Project (GAP)

Greg Cunningham, the producer of the Hard Truth video, the first widely distributed video that unveiled the evil of abortion by showing its victims, started this project on university campuses around the country. It is an incredible display of over twenty 6’x13’ color picture billboards. John wanted to videotape it, and I wanted to see it and preach. The display was incredible. The photographs were powerful. It was an overwhelming display of human tragedy. The purpose for the display and the literature handed out, was to show that abortion was the genocide of little “unwanted” human beings, just like other types of genocide are to big human beings. Nearly everywhere they go, the GAP faces opposition. On one campus, someone drove a car into the signs. Michigan was no exception, though no one went that far. A group of pro-abortion students did picket and chant, marching around with their signs. On the second day, they did a sit-in to try to prevent the display from going up. At first the administration was going to let them disrupt everything, but after the GAP workers began to pray, they reversed their decision and the students left at the threat of arrest. I walked around with the pro-abortion students, speaking on behalf of the babies, and challenging their arguments for child murder. You could say I was a thorn in their side. I got to talk to many other students as well, regarding abortion, sin, and our need for the Savior. I had planned to talk to students at the display at Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti, about 6 miles east of Ann Arbor, however, something happened the next day while sidewalk counseling, that prevented that.

Sidewalk counseling at an Ann Arbor abortion mill

A friend informed me that one of the two abortion mills in town planned to kill on Wednesday, 9/27. I decided to sidewalk counsel in the morning and go to the campus from there. I had counseled at this strip mall abortuary when I used to live in the area. We were always able to be on the sidewalk that runs along the front of the businesses. In fact, my first saved baby, that I later got to hold, occurred on that very sidewalk! Since I had moved away, however, the City of Ann Arbor put in a police substation right next to the abortion chamber. This is the same city that declared itself a, “reproductive free zone,” around 1992. They did that so, if abortion were ever criminalized again, they would make it a $5.00 fine, the way smoking pot is there. One couple left after coming for a pregnancy test. I had given the man a packet of information, and had a positive conversation at the side of his car. Right after they left, a policewoman called me into the substation and accused me of harassing people. Since there had been no complaints, she couldn’t do anything, but before she let me out the door, she wanted me to assure her that I wasn’t going to leave. Over the next hour and a half, I saw her go in and out of the abortion mill a number of times. Finally she came out to announce that someone had made a complaint and that she was charging me for disorderly conduct. She had someone read something, then they gave me 60 seconds to leave the sidewalk and parking lot. As I was leaving, I passed one couple by their car and said, “I hope you didn’t kill your baby.” The policewoman then ran up and cuffed me, before I could exit the parking lot. She charged me with two counts of disorderly conduct, and trespass. I had a warrant out in Saginaw, Michigan, for an old 1992 rescue, where I had been arrested while praying on the pavement behind another strip mall abortion chamber. Twice before, the Ann Arbor police let me go when this warrant came up, since Saginaw had no intention to send two officers on a 180 mile trip to bring someone into an already overcrowded jail for misdemeanor trespass. This time, however, Ann Arbor took two patrol officers off their normal beat to take me to Saginaw themselves.

Jail in Saginaw, Michigan

“I can plead guilty to praying in the parking lot behind the abortion clinic,” I said to the judge. I just felt like doing some time to get this over with, since I didn’t want to return for a trial. The judge sentenced me to 15 days in jail, no fine or court costs. The first 24 hours, I was in a cold concrete holding tank. From there, I was transferred to what they called a “dorm.” It was a long, large room, with bunks for 20 men. The TV was on constantly. I thanked the Lord for a bunk far from the TV. Christian friends got a study bible to me and many other good books. I had bible study with two men. The Chaplain visited twice, with his Christian book cart. I spent most of my time reading. I played chess, did exercises, and spent time memorizing scripture. God gave me grace to sleep at night, when most of the guys were awake and noisy. I was blessed to be visited by Christian families, like Cal & Trish Zastrow, and their children. They had a party for me when I got out.

Campaigning with Howard Phillips

Cal told me that when I got out of jail, I could travel with him and Howard Phillips, as they campaigned around the state. I was thrilled at the opportunity. I had been praying for Howard’s campaign. I had tremendous respect for him because of his commitment to end abortion. He didn’t just talk about being “pro-life,” he articulated the reasons why and how a President could work to end abortion in America. The 5th Amendment of our Constitution says that no person can be deprived of life without due process of law. It means that only those indicted by a grand jury, tried for a capitol crime, found guilty and sentenced to death, may be killed. Preborn children do not fit that bill. Howard would declare their personhood and hire new U.S. attorneys to prosecute abortion mills and abortionists. It was a treat to hear Mr. Phillips in each interview with newspapers and TV stations, speak up for constitutional government founded upon Biblical Law. He spoke to a group of home school children, in Churches, and at a pro-life rally.

Wisconsin Christians United Literature Drop

I had made a commitment to help Pastor Ralph Ovadal get out his literature which gives the biblical perspective on homosexuality. It sheds light on the deceptions and distortions promulgated by the homosexual activists and sympathizers. It also provides the correct civil approach and the only lasting solution to the problem. Sodomy should be prosecuted under law, and just as with other sins and perversions, repentance, healing and restoration through Jesus Christ, must be sought. In October, Jenny Rieth, and some of her children helped me get out around 1500 pieces entitled, “A little discrimination can be a good thing,” in Oshkosh. If you can help me pass literature door to door, in Appleton this month, please give me a call.

Witness for the children at Bush and Gore rallies

Since the race was tight in my state, Bush and Gore made numerous appearances. On October 28, Governor Bush spoke to a crowd of about 7,000 at Fox Cities stadium, 15 minutes from my home. At the entrance to the stadium, I stood with a large sign of baby Malachi, the victim of a D & E abortion. Above the words ABORTION, above the picture of the aborted baby, I added, “Bush won’t stop this.” The Governor’s caravan went right by me twice, along with thousands driving in, and hundreds walking. I wanted to make the point that he isn’t going far enough. I let people know that they could vote for a candidate who was serious about ending abortion, Howard Phillips. They didn’t have to vote for the lesser of two evils. Two days later, Gore had a rally in front of the courthouse in Green Bay. I used the same sign, but changed the words to, “Gore loves ABORTION.” Nearly everyone there had to see the sign, though a couple of Gore supporters tried to hold smaller signs in front of us. Another brother and I held the sign over our heads, during most of the rally. The Mayor of Green Bay thanked us for coming!

Ministry at Appleton North Planned Parenthood killing center

Since my last letter, I have been at the killing center 6 out of 9 weeks. I was in Michigan the other 3 weeks (2 in jail). The numbers at many abortion mills around the country are going down, but at this mill, they continue to be high. Over those 9 weeks, they have averaged 27.5 appointments each of the two days per week they do abortions and abortion counseling. My assistant pastor and good friend, Jed Lehnert, joined me while sidewalk counseling on 11/1. A car driving in came straight at us, instead of turning into the driveway. The driver slammed his brakes on, and stopped within inches of us. He was laughing as he backed up and then turned into the parking lot. He wasn’t laughing, however, after the Sheriff’s deputy wrote him a ticket for reckless driving and driving without a license. We offered to drop our complaints, if they would meet with us. Since the pregnancy center was open that night, I met them there. After meeting separately with the counselor, then together, and watching a video, they came out saying they were grateful for the information. He had been looking for a quick fix to their problem, and realized the need to slow down and think about this some more. They made an appointment with a pro-life doctor for an ultra sound. I haven’t heard from them since then, so I’m not sure their baby is safe, but I haven’t seen them at the abortion mill either, praise God. Please pray for this couple. They are very young. He looked to be about 20, and she looked 16 or 17. He said they have been together 3 months. I pray that they will be open to adoption.

Thanks for your prayers.

Mark Gabriel

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