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November 2, 2000 Ministry Report

Dear Friends,

Yesterday at the Planned Parenthood Appleton North Abortion Mill, my assistant Pastor, Jed, and I were by the side of the driveway entrance reading scripture, praying, and sidewalk counseling. One car drove straight at us, then slammed on the brakes and came within inches of hitting us. The young man driving had a big smile on his face. I went around back to speak to them at the fence and he came over and kicked the fence hard. They both went inside. Jed and I thought it would do the young man some good to be disciplined by the law, so Jed went to a nearby gas station to call the police. It's always a struggle whether or not to call the police in these situations, because invariably they come up with some reason of giving us a ticket too. We prayed for the police officer who would come, that God would use him. Before Jed could make the 911 call at the phone booth that would bring a Town of Grand Chute cop, he saw a County Sheriff's Deputy vehicle and flagged him down. He immediately drove over the the mill. He took pictures of the skid marks in the gravel driveway. He told me he would charge him with wreckless driving and maybe disorderly conduct for what happened at the fence. He had Jed and I write complaints as to what happened. After meeting with him, he discovered that he didn't have a drivers license. His tickets would amount to close to $400. This officer did not stop there, however. It was his hope that they would come talk to us. We offered to drop the complaints, if they would agree to come talk at the local pregnancy center that evening. They agreed, and I was there when they arrived. They met with the director, Gloria. While Gloria was with "Katrina," I talked to "Bill" in the waiting room. He was calm and willing to talk. He sounded like they were no longer considering abortion at first. The receptionist came over and gently made a comment about the incredibly formed 7 week child in the bottle she was holding, preserved in a solution after a natural death by miscarriage. He immediately became angry and said that he didn't want to see it. Then he went off sounding like he could justify an abortion, even though he knew it was killing a child. I asked him what he thought God would want him to do. Gloria came back shortly after this and took him back to meet with him. Bill and Katrina watched a video together. They were back there for about 40 minutes. When they came out he was very pleasant and actually thanked me for arranging this two or three times. Katrina also thanked me. They had agreed to see a local Ob/Gyn doctor for an ultrasound. Bill said that they had been looking for a quick fix and that they needed to slow down and think about all that they had learned. They still were not sure what they would do, but they were very grateful for getting more informed on all their options and about all the help that is available.

Please pray that they will keep their appointment with the Doctor. Pray that the Lord will continue to move in their lives. Pray for their hearts to be drawn toward their baby. PP told them she was 7 weeks pregnant. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads you. Thank the Lord for the Sheriff's Deputy that He sent us. Pray that one day we'll be able to show him the photo of a child he helped save.

Mark Gabriel

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