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Baby saved February 8, 2001

A baby was saved from the Planned Parenthood - Appleton North Killing Center today!

I was able to approach this young couple who had just had their abortion counseling. They had left the PP parking lot and were sitting in their car talking at the end of the road. I walked up to their car and gave them the sidewalk counseling literature. We talked for about 10 minutes. At first she tried to tell me she had an ectopic pregnancy, but I knew that if that were the case, they wouldn't send her to PP. She then began coming up with other reasons to attempt to justify an abortion.

She told me she was 4 weeks pregnant, then showed me the booklet that the State gives the abortion mills (as a result of the Woman's Right to Know law). It shows pictures of the baby at different ages. The first picture, that the booklet says is 5 weeks from date of last menstrual period, or 3 weeks from fertilization, didn't look like anything human. It's clear the abortion mill is using that picture to try to convince the girls that "its really not a baby yet."

I told them that no matter what we looked like at 2 or 3 weeks, if our mothers had aborted us at that age, we wouldn't have seen the light of day. I did the best that I knew how to respond to each thing she brought up. I talked about abortion complications and the greater risk of breast cancer after abortion.

The boyfriend didn't say anything for a long time, so I asked him how he felt about this. He didn't open up much, but he was respectful and seemed to be listening to what I had been saying. The last thing I gave the girl was a plastic bag with a model of a preborn baby, the precious feet pin and a card describing the development of the baby at different stages. Finally I said that I would be praying for them and let them talk among themselves.

I went back to the mill and asked Linda (the prolifer who lives next door to the mill) to pray. About 30 minutes after I returned to my post at the driveway, they drove up and stopped in the road. The young man came right over and said, "We decided not to do it." The girl came over too, and gave me a big hug. She repented to me for lieing, and I gladly forgave her! They both expressed thanks for the literature and for talking to them.

There was so clearly a different spirit at work in them now. They were both happy about their decision! I brought them over to meet Linda and we talked a bit on Linda's porch until they had to leave to get him to work on time. They promised to bring the baby by after he is born! Please pray for them. They are from Green Bay and are in their early twenties.

That experience not only made my day, it made my month and perhaps my year! It was a rather rough day, apart from this amazing victory, since no one else even took literature, and one guy threw his pop can at me. The Lord certainly knows how to encourage our hearts! All praise to our awesome God!

Mark Gabriel

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