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January 4, 2001 Gabriel Update and Prayer Requests

I have four prayer requests, one urgent. I also have a praise report.

Tomorrow morning I will be in trial in Milwaukee Municipal Court at 8:30 AM before Judge Gramling. On September 23, 2000, I was on the sidewalk outside Summit Abortuary in downtown Milwaukee. I speak the scriptures to the deathscorts, sidewalk counsel when a mom comes by (others give full attention to this), and challenge pedestrians to lend aid to these children who desperately need our help. While walking and talking to one woman who came out of the abortuary, a squad car drove up, interrupted me and began to write me a ticket. I gave the officer my name, but asked him why he was writing me a ticket at the same time he wanted me to spell my name. He arrested me for "obstructing a police officer," apparently becuase I didn't spell my name for him. We have it on video that I gave him my name twice, yet one of the tickets said that I refused to give him my name. Although I should win this trial, stranger things have happened. The truth is, you never know what the police are going to say when they get on the stand. The two brothers who took video that day cannot be at trial, which makes things a little more difficult. Please pray for this trial.

I'm running for City Council in Appleton, Wisconsin. The position is called Alderman, or for those who are politically correct, Alderperson. I'm in a race with two other men and the primary election is February 20th. That doesn't give me a lot of time for a campaign. If you would be willing to pray for this campaign in an ongoing way, please let me know and I will send you updates. I have one person taking prayer requests for me in Fort Worth, Texas so far. The drawing for ballot position is this Monday at 8:00 AM. It would be an advantage to have the first placement. I am in the process of working on my flyer. I need wisdom for that. I meet with the sign man on Monday. I would like to have the signs by the following Saturday. Thanks for your prayers.

The praise report is that there was at least one turn away at the mill today. This was one of the rare times that I've seen someone back out of the driveway and leave. She is a woman from Mexico who is afraid that something might be wrong with her baby, because she took some prescription drugs before she knew she was pregnant. When I told her about the local Pregnancy Help Center and the appointment they can make for an ultra-sound with a good doctor, she looked very happy to go there first. Please pray for her.

Three teen girls drove in together. While one was inside, two others were in the car. All of a sudden I saw their car back up across the parking lot, to the driveway. The girl in the passenger seat asked me for one of the flyers I had. She told me that she was eight months pregnant and that she was having her baby. I told her about Mother and Unborn Baby Care, where she could get baby items and maternity clothes, etc. She said her mom kicked her out of the house when she became pregnant and that she was staying with a girl friend's family. She said her boyfriend wanted to "get rid of it," but she couldn't do it. When their friend came out, she gave her a hug, so maybe she decided against the abortion too. They all waved when they left. Pray for "Janice" (the one I talked to) and her friends.

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