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Update on Milwaukee Trial


Both charges brought against me by the City of Milwaukee were dropped in Court today! They stemmed from my ministry outside the Summit Abortion center last September 23rd. Although the police officer showed up, the City Attorney realized that he couldn't convict me on either charge of Obstructing the Issuance of a Citation (a city ordinance), or Disorderly Conduct. My thanks to the three brethren in the courtroom with me: Attorney James Donohoo, who represented me pro bono (for no fee), Lois Knight, who showed up as a witness for me on less than two hours notice, and Bill "whistle blower" Currier, who has helped me to understand court procedure and paperwork. Due to the repeated abuse of pro-lifers by police officers in Milwaukee, Mr. Donohoo is ready and motivated to bring a lawsuit against the City. I see it as necessary discipline for a proud, arrogant child.

I placed an order for yard signs today. On the signs, I'm using a symbol of an angel and a star. The Christmas decorations on the main downtown street in Appleton, are angels with trumpets and stars. I'm playing off that, and the fact that I have the name of an angel. It might help people remember it.

I need to print some campaign literature soon. I plan to take it door to door every Saturday until the election. If you're in the area and would like to help distribute my flyer, please let me know.

Mark Gabriel

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