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July 18, 2001 Ministry Report from Wichita

Todd and I arrived Sunday afternoon, so we've been in Wichita four days now. Abortionist George Tiller, specializes in killing late term babies. His place is much larger than it was 10 years ago, when I was here. There are no windows in the place, it's mostly concrete. He has a crematoriam where he burns the bodies of the babies he kills. He didn't kill on Monday, so we had a huge parade through downtown Wichita. The paper said we had about 1000 people. It could have been more. Pastors signed an Emancipation Proclamation for preborn children which declares the personhood of these children from conception. Over 20 Wichita Pastors signed, as well as many others. We plan to have Pastors from all over America sign it, then take it to Washington DC on January 22.

We've been fighting the battle at Tiller's mill and the other child killing center. We were there today when we got a report that they were going to begin to do abortions at the other abortion mill in town. Earlier, it was reported that they would be closed this week. We prayed, worshiped, and did spiritual warfare. They didn't do any abortions after all! Tiller was killing today, however. We were told that some 40 women went in there on Wednesday last week. Today I'm sure it was much less. I heard a counselor from the Christian Pregnancy Help Center, next to Tiller's mill, say that a 17 year old girl who planned to go to the abortion mill, went in their place by accident and changed her mind after watching the Harder Truth video and seeing her ultrasound. Two babies were also saved yesterday and counselors were in contact with a third.

The City of Wichita had denied our requests for parade permits along the front of Tiller's mill. We went to Federal Court and the Judge agreed with us that it was a violation of the first amendment! We parade in the morning and afternoon with the big graphic signs, scripture signs, and other prolife signs. There are hundreds of prolifers here from all over the country. We have pro-abortion opposition, but there numbers are small, maybe 50. Todd and I will be here for another two full days. Please pray for all of us here and for the Lord to work mightily through us. At the rally last night, Flip Benham exhorted the locals to commit to being at their killing centers until they close. We prayed over at least 40 people! Pray for them to be faithful. Two pro-aborts were arrested today out there. I didn't see it, but was told they were pushing some of our people. In the mornings, we've been witnessing with the big signs at busy intersections. We witnessed outside the La Quinta Inn, where Tiller sends his girls coming for abortions. Since they come from all over and it takes 2-3 days to kill a late term baby, they stay in this hotel. I encourage you to write or call La Quinta Inns to complain about making deals with abortionists. Apparently, the motel gives Tiller's clients discounts.

I plan to be back in Appleton on Saturday evening. Consider what you can do to make a difference for the babies this week. Over the next two weeks you will have more opportunities as the Wisconsin Tour takes place. We will be between Oshkosh and Green Bay, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Your brother for Life,
Mark Gabriel

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