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Head West Tour Report - Sunday, June 10, 2001 - Montana

Today, I am writing from a Christian familyís home near Lewistown, Montana. It is breathtakingly beautiful, being surrounded by green hills. From the porch, I watched deer down the hill from the house, across the road, through binoculars. We had a great day of worship, fellowship and rest. For the last couple days, Iíve been struggling with a sore throat and sore body. In this report, Iíd like to cover some high lights from the last two days stops in Livingston, Bozeman, Helena, and Great Falls.

Friday, June 8:
Livingston - A small town, frequented by tourists. I decided to take a break from passing out literature and held a sign instead. I got talking to a local drunk, who had a heart for the preborn and actually gave the mission a donation. I asked him if he wanted to be delivered from his addiction. Sadly, he said no. I told him Jesus could set him free.

We went on to Bozeman. The mountains could be seen in the backdrop of this city, but most of the people did not show a love for the preborn. This was a more hostile town. I passed out literature, and most refused to take it. This small city has its own killing center.

Helena - The capitol of Montana. Much literature went out, but again we had much opposition. We were about two blocks from the capitol building. Some thanked us for being there.

Saturday, June 9:
Great Falls - We picketed the homes of two local abortionists. We passed out flyers to inform their neighbors of their practices and passed out the literature on Planned Parenthood as well. The one abortionist who was in town called the police station and told a Christian officer that he hadnít committed an abortion in 6 months and didnít plan to do another one! We pray that he will remain true to his word. Pray for Jonathan Martin, a local prolifer who intends to meet with him to see if he will repent and turn to Christ. Jonathanís church body served our group very well. We all had a host family to stay with Friday night, and they served us supper Friday night, with breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Jim Soderna and I stayed with a creation geologist. He was quite an interesting brother to talk to. About 25 local Christians joined us for the street witness we did on 10th Avenue South. It took me a while to find a good place to hand out literature, but I did well once I found my spot at 9th Street. Two TV stations covered us. Both gave us good coverage. One gave Pastor Matt about 3 minutes to explain why abortion and PP is so bad and, how we are calling for it to be criminalized again. Ralph did the other TV interview.

Head West Tour Report - Friday, June 15, 2001 - Nebraska

Today we began in Kearney, Nebraska, proceeded to Lincoln, then completed the tour in Omaha. Last night we stayed at Samís ranch in the heart of Nebraska farm land. When I was in Dallas with Operation Rescue, Sam and Duane would come down to rescue babies with us. It was always an encouragement to see their smiling faces and love for their neighbor in the womb. Sam got some of his farmer neighbors together and some city folk, to give us our biggest numbers of the entire tour. We had about 65 signs out in Kearney. We got out more literature today, by far, than any other day of the tour. Cars at our intersections in Lincoln and Omaha were backed up for an entire block. We faced some rejection, but most people took it. About 8 people gave me donations in Omaha. One young woman in her early 20ís confessed to having had an abortion after being raped. She handed me a donation as she told me this. She began crying, and said, ďI had to have an abortion, because I was raped.Ē I didnít have much time to talk to her in the middle of the street, but I told her to ask the Lord for forgiveness. The truth is, she didnít ďhave to have an abortion.Ē Although she felt rotten about the experience, and was hurting to see what she had done, her confession was not one of repentance. Please pray that she would admit her sin and not give excuses for it. I told her that I would pray for the Lord to give her grace to help others to not make the same mistake she made.

A grandmother of a child in his motherís womb, approached us after our stop in Greeley, to ask us to pray for her daughter who wants an abortion. Please pray for this girl, Rachel, and her baby. She desperately wants her grandchild to be protected.

At every tour stop in Colorado, we had a small contingent of pro-aborts with their hand made signs and NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League), ďKeep Abortion Legal,Ē signs. In Fort Collins, I spent a fair amount of time confronting them in their rebellion and sin. In the light of the pictures of the victims of abortion, they cannot defend their position. All they could do was glare at me and complain to the police. I reminded them what God says about murder in His Law, and what He does with unrepentant murderers. I told them what Jesus said about hell, and how more travel the broad road to destruction, than the narrow road that leads to life.

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 16, we plan to picket the local abortion mill and abortionist. Leroy Carhart is the abortionist in Omaha (Bellevue). This is the guy who sued the State of Nebraska for its law to ban partial birth abortions. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to let Carhart and other killers continue murdering children with this method. His killing center and residence is one and the same place. We plan to be there from 7:30 am to 8:30 am, before we take off for Sioux Falls, where my pickup is parked. In answer to my prayers, the Lord has provided a brother to go to Canada with me. We will be driving from Sioux Falls toward Regina, Saskatchewan. I would ask for your prayers for Todd Bubbolz and myself, as we travel, and for the Heterosexual Family Pride Proclamation and Parade on Monday. The three day prolife tour begins this Thursday too. Thank you for your prayers.

To God be the glory,

Mark Gabriel

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