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September 2001 Newsletter

If a trumpet is blown in a city will not the people tremble? If a calamity occurs in a city has not the LORD done it? Amos 3:6

If you had known in this day, even you, the things which make for peace! But now they have been hidden from your eyes. Jesus speaking over Jerusalem [NYC too?] Luke 19:42

God’s Judgment on America
I walked into my Dad’s bedroom where I overheard some serious discussion on TV. There I witnessed the second plane crash into the other World Trade Center tower, and later saw them both come tumbling down. Like the tower of babel, those towers, representing America’s pride, wealth, power, and greed, were brought to an end. That night, when I saw the glow of the city burning, I was reminded of David Wilkerson and others, who have prophesied that they had seen New York City burning. This city is the home of Planned Parenthood’s Headquarters, the crown jewel of the abortion industry. That is where I had participated in my first rescue back in January of 1989. After 40 million murdered babies, rampant adultery and divorce, homos parading in the streets, individuals, churches and civil government in rebellion to God’s commands and Laws, is it any wonder that we should receive His judgment? Our response should be repentance, but the eyes of this nation have been blinded. I believe that we have not begun to see God’s anger upon us. Still, I pray for repentance and I pray for as many as possible to be saved from the wrath to come.

Preaching God’s Law and Gospel in Appleton
Over the course of the summer, I’ve only been in Appleton, 4 days in June, and 2 weeks in both July and August. Still, by God’s grace, He has enabled me to do open air, street preaching, once a month, and twice so far this month. I have been going out to preach, distribute gospel tracts, and interact with the young people that hang out along College Avenue throughout downtown Appleton. The Lord has given a heart for evangelism to two other brothers who join me regularly, Scott and Dave. We normally go out on Friday nights. I often use a small hand held megaphone to speak to groups of people gathered across the street, or a half block away. Eventually one person comes over, bringing two or three more with, and sometimes the whole crowd. Then I turn the megaphone off and listen to their arguments and complaints. Then we respond, seeking to use God’s Word as our sole source of authority. My goal is to get them to see their sin, and their desperate need for Savior Jesus. I want them to see how serious their sin is to God, and that they need to be born again to get to heaven. I want them to live holy, to please God now! It is thrilling to me, to engage these young people in these discussions. Some listen, contemplate, or ask questions. Others like to scoff or mock, but this can attract others to come listen. The last two times that I’ve been out, I’ve met two people (separate occasions) who said they were wiccans (earth worshipers) and one white girl who said she was Hindu. Some say they don’t believe in God, and think the Bible is mostly fiction. Most have some sort of Christian background and “faith,” but think they can live a life full of sin and still go to heaven. I tell them, “Faith without works is dead.” We’ve also had Christians join us on the street. One held a banner with us, two others (separate occasions) joined us to talk to people. One young man (Matt) said he had come downtown for the wrong reasons, but when he saw us, he put his Bible knowledge to work to back up the things we said, and defend his faith. Please pray for us.

Campus Preaching and Upcoming Campus Tour
From September 4-7, I joined campus preacher, Chuck Spangola and others (about 10-20 of us), to minister on college campuses in Wisconsin. We were in Stevens Point, Oshkosh, and Madison. Much of what we experience, street preaching in Appleton, goes on when we go to the campuses, only on a larger scale. Some of the same people we met last year, in Oshkosh, we met this year. I drove around the first two campuses speaking over the loudspeaker in my new ministry vehicle (see below)! I showed them the difference between parents who loved their child and parents who hated their child. Please pray for the upcoming campus tour. About 40 Christians plan to make the trip. Pray for Drew Heis, who will be leading this tour. All kinds of crazy things have happened on these tours, from groups beating on drums, to fights breaking out, so please pray for victory over these demonic strongholds, and wisdom for what we speak.

Missionaries to the Preborn, Campus Days Tour
Monday, 9/24 - Bowling Green State University (Ohio)
Tuesday, 9/25 - University of Toledo
Wednesday, 9/26 - Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, Michigan)
Thursday, 9/27 - Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

New Vehicle for Ministry
A Brother in Christ who lives near Allegan, Michigan, gave me an old ambulance! It has prolife scriptures and a photo of a precious baby, on one side, and messages on our Constitution and need to restore civil government, on the other. While I was in Michigan, August 25-31, I stayed with the Bartleson family, with the Zastrows in Saginaw, and stopped in Kalamazoo, to minister with Ann Norton, outside Planned Parenthood’s killing center. With the Bartlesons, we went to minister outside a Grand Rapids abortion mill. It was housed inside an old church, opposite the community college. In Saginaw and Kalamazoo, I parked the ambulance across the street from the abortion mills. We taped the big posters of a live and aborted baby to the back of the ambulance. I have never seen so many cars drive in and out of a Planned Parenthood, as I did in Kalamazoo. Western Michigan University, with over 30,000 students, is located just down the street. Most of their customers looked to be young college students. Ann Norton, the lone consistent sidewalk counselor, has come under fierce attack by the enemy of our souls, through the US Justice Department, no thank you, John Ashcroft. They have threatened her with a FACE lawsuit, if she continues to sidewalk counsel. She has gotten Christian attorneys to challenge this in court. Pray for Ann! I sidewalk counseled there for about two hours and Ann was amazed that the police never showed up! From there I drove to Wisconsin, through Chicago rush hour traffic, with the posters still taped to the back. I plan to have replaceable signs made up for the ambulance, including more photos to show the horror of abortion and why it must stop. I also would like to use it for counseling outside the abortion mills. Videos could be shown inside too. It will cost more money to use and maintain this vehicle. It will cost money to purchase and mount the signs. Please join with me to pray for the Lord’s provision. May this vehicle be used for His glory, to accomplish His purposes.

Amazing Supernatural Incident Follows Prolife Event in Wichita
Todd Bubolz and I made it out to Wichita for the national prolife event last July 15-19, sponsored by Operation Save America. Over 1000 of us were in the prolife parade through downtown Wichita, and in subsequent days we did parades past George Tiller’s abortuary. Three babies were confirmed saved during the week, and one of the abortion mills closed for the week. During the solemn assembly, the first night, a local pastor prayed and repented on behalf of our nation, saying we were like the prodigal son. We squandered our inheritance as a Godly nation that we had received from our founding fathers. Although we have an abundance of many things like: tolerance, information, and love for ourselves, we have a mighty famine of things like: truth, discernment, and love for others. Because of the famine, we only have husks for food that are meant for swine. We taste the “husks” through humanism, government, judicial system, education, media, arts, entertainment, etc., and even in our homes, and churches. He finished, “We beg your forgiveness. Please look upon us...even though we are a “great way off.” Help us to make our way back to Your house...and our Godly heritage. What happened after we left town is truly amazing. The local paper had three articles on corn husks falling from the sky! I quote from the Wichita Eagle: “People in homes near 13th and Woodlawn reported seeing what looked like extraordinarily large, dried cornhusks spiraling down from the sky about 6 pm.” One eye witness was quoted, “They just kept coming down. There had to be, I don’t know, a thousand of those things.” They interviewed a meteorologist, who said that there was no chance they were stirred up by a tornado, since there were none in the entire country. Then they added an interesting, humanistic quote from him, “Whatever it was, it was probably caused by man.” When the local prolife leader in Wichita wrote the paper with the explanation that God was confirming the Pastor’s prayer, they ignored her and refused to print her letter or his prayer!

Wisconsin Unmasking Planned Parenthood Tour
From July 23 - August 3, I was on the Missionaries to the Preborn annual tour to expose the atrocities of Planned Parenthood in our State. We stood along busy streets with the large photos of murdered preborn children. We got out thousands of pieces of literature and gospel tracts. We talked and interacted with hundreds of people. At the Experimental Aircraft Association in Oshkosh, we witnessed for two days to the crawling traffic going in and out. License plates were seen from nearly every state in the union, and many foreigners were present. We were at the tourist towns of Wisconsin Dells, near the middle of the state, Lake Geneva, in the south, and Hayward, up north. We held banners on highway overpasses around Milwaukee. A pizza business owner provided lunch for our group of about 70, after our stop in Brookfield, a Milwaukee suburb. Our last stop was outside the State Fair, where thousands saw our signs or received literature. Next year, in addition to our annual Wisconsin Tour, we plan to do one in New England. Like the Pennsylvania Tour, last year, this one will include side trips to historical sites that will remind us of our rich Christian heritage. I also hope to help my brother, Cal Zastrow, do an Unmasking PP Tour in Michigan. Cal wants families to come and take some time out to swim in each of the Great Lakes surrounding Michigan.

Your Brother in Christ,
Mark Gabriel

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